Babble | Re: Inkling

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We all have words we can’t seem to properly say. List the words you just can’t spit out, and then write a story with them.

In many ways, I am not a normal person – perhaps a surprising revelation considering I run a blog called Normal Happenings. Honestly, I remind myself of a robot sometimes, especially when it comes to the concept of words.

Words are particularly special to me. Sometimes I view them as living things. They always have been, in many ways, my greatest ally in moving beyond my own nature and becoming something greater than myself — well, excepting one word in particular. Continue reading “Babble | Re: Inkling”

Distant Voices | Re: Inkling

Based on: Distant Voices | Daily Inkling.
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Have you ever heard voices in the sound of the wind, rustling of leaves, or repetitive churning of a fan? If so, what did you imagine they might be saying?

As much as I love the abstract questions that seem to spontaneously generate from the depths of my mind and rise to the surface about once every 24 hours, I must admit they’re not all born out of personal experience. Generally they are a hybrid of me paying close attention to life and listening to the stories of others.

It’s so romantic and ethereal to imagine “Distant Voices” in the wind or the leaves, but to be honest — and this is a little embarrassing for me — my experience with this phenomenon comes from me opening and closing a squeaky door. Yep, the squeaky door literally calls out my name. Continue reading “Distant Voices | Re: Inkling”