The Normal Happenings Starry-Eyed Discord!

Welcome back amazing readers! Today we’re so happy to announce the launch of our very own Normal Happenings Starry Eyed Discord!

If you’re not too familiar with Discord, it’s this top-notch communication platform ideal for the organization of large groups! So far, we’ve been using Twitter messages for internal communication, updated, collaboration planning, and socializing. It’s impossible to do that all of one thread, so everything is about to change!

Discord is arranged by channels, and with these 16 avenues for communication we’ll be able to rule the world! Or, at least, become an alliance of bloggers and content creators working together to constant improve our work. Let’s go over all the channels!


We think STARSTORM is the most important channel, so it sits at the very top. The premise is super simple. WordPress lives and dies based on how many stars a piece gets. The more stars, the more likely it is to show up in the reader. So let us bombard you with stars!

Share all of your new posts here first so we can visit your blog and like it. That will boost it in the WordPress algorithm and help increase your audience. You’ll only be able to once per hour in this channel, so if you’d like to discuss your post, head over to #blogging-discussion! 


Let’s talk about what we do best — blogging! Feel free to share your work if you’re looking for feedback or discussion on a topic! There’s no such thing as “self-promotion” on this discord — instead it’s just a group of incredibly creative and kind people discussing ways to improve the art form of blogging as a whole. If that intersects with your blogging, we think that’s awesome!


Here’s an incredibly helpful feature! Let us help you out if you’re struggling with a post! A combined Google doc is soon to be available, so feel free to copy over your work in progress to the doc. We’ll then make comments, suggest error fixes, and overall tell you how great the potential of your upcoming post is! 


Each day the latest Daily Inkling will be pinned to this channel! Use it however you wish to inspire your writing.


The place to chat about life, the universe, and everything!


This channel is all about telling us about things that have happened in your life recently outside of blogging. Real-world stuff like relationships and career and school and such. You can tell stories, get advice, and enthrall people with your narratives!


We talk about video games so much, they deserve their own channel! Here’s where you can discuss anything about games with a great group of people.


…and TV shows too! Here’s where you can carry on a conversation about all media not video game related.


It’s a secret to everybody. But not for much longer.


Share your memories about Mario Kart Memories. You can also submit a DLC post if you desire.


Discuss some of your favorite pieces from our most ambitious collab! You can also submit a DLC post if you want.


Slip back into remembering the tranquility of Hyrule. You can also submit a DLC post if you have a cool idea!


Arrange online game match-ups and tournaments! 


Going to be in the area of another blogger? Arrange to get coffee or some other cool activity!


Updates for our Patrons!


Updates about our Discord! This is also where we’ll decide on future new members.


Starting a streaming event? Let people know so they can tune in!

The Guest List!

The Normal Happenings Starry Eyed Discord is open to all Patrons, Collaboration Contributors, and VIPs of Normal Happenings! So, if you want to join the fun, the best way is to become a Patron or be a part of a future collab. And with that, we’ll see you over at the Discord party!

Here is the current roster! If you’re on this list, check your Twitter inbox for the invite link.

Introducing Snail Mail Inklings! $5 tier Patrons will get a unique Inkling delivered to their mailbox each month. Responses will be featured in a very special blog post. Come be a part of the fun! Consider becoming one of the amazing patrons of Normal Happenings.Snail Mailbecome_a_patron_button


Dysontopia | A Study in Bad Acronyms | 2.2

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DT Logo BW

She shrugs, of all things, and says, “As a matter of fact there is.” Then she smiles, and it’s all rather peculiar. I’m trying to comprehend why someone would be so happy-go-lucky about apprehending me, or whatever is going on.

“Go on,” I say, tilting my head, feeling more annoyed than anything.

“Are you hungry?” she changes the subject. I quickly shake my head no, furrowing my eyes behind the sunglasses. That was actually a lie. Millie was right about the sugar crash.

“Are you going to tell me what the hell you want?” I fire back.

“Hey, relax. I’ll tell you everything, but can we do it over lunch? Please? Something tells me one granola bar just isn’t enough.” She pulls out the empty wrapper I had dropped on the ground.

“How the –” Continue reading “Dysontopia | A Study in Bad Acronyms | 2.2”

Dysontopia | A Study in Bad Acronyms | 2.1

<< Cold Outside, Cold Inside 1.4 | Patch Log | A Study in Bad Acronyms 2.2 >>

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DT Logo BW

Chapter 2

“A Study in Bad Acronyms”

As I escape Elmore Hall like a prison break, I notice the same female professor from my earlier observations had stationed herself on the park bench at ground level to the left of the steps. She is using a fairly bulky laptop, and for a moment I get a glimpse of what appears to be some kind of computer code or programming language. Was I wrong, perhaps? It occurs to me that she might not be a professor at all. Upon further inspection, she does look rather young. Long red hair, tallish, slightly olive skin, green – no make that blue – eyes. At first I had her pegged for sociology, or maybe archeology, but neither of those fields use a level of computer complexity anywhere close to what I think I just saw. Suspicious.

Descending the steps, I’m contemplating what I should do now that I’ve flown the coop. This could have been planned better. I think I’ll go into town, stock up on some supplies, and just go wander for a little while. It’s not like I haven’t done it before. Continue reading “Dysontopia | A Study in Bad Acronyms | 2.1”

Dysontopia | Cold Outside, Cold Inside | 1.4

<< Cold Outside, Cold Inside 1.3 | Patch Log | A Study in Bad Acronyms 2.1 >>

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DT Logo BW

He glares for a second before giving me the third degree, telling me that I’m lucky he even lets me take the exam at all. That would be fine by me. I don’t even care anymore.

The computers were set up in hexagonal groups, six to a table. He told me to take a seat at one of the open iMacs, so I park myself across from Amy. Amy Summers. Somehow I think the only reason she got in this school is because some admission dean somewhere thought it would be hilarious to have a person with the name Summers and someone named Winters in the same classroom. She’s my only sort-of ally in the program. I say ally because she’s not even close to being my friend. However, she’s also the only person who doesn’t hate me, so she’s got that going for her.

Suddenly Ryker comes scampering in, his hair a mess and the bottom button of his jacket undone. Papers are flying, and he practically crashes into the computer directly behind me. Nobody says a word. Such is life. You think people are beyond middle school social cliques, organizing into groups and singling out people to pick on, but that maturity is too much to be expected of people of any age. The social dynamics of 14-year-olds are not much different from those of 24-year-olds, they just take on a different, more “professional” setting as people age. And academic types, for all their “knowledge” of why people behave the way they do, are the absolute worst. Continue reading “Dysontopia | Cold Outside, Cold Inside | 1.4”