Five Stereotypes for Husbands and How to Defy Them

When my wife and I moved to the Midwest after dating for eight years and getting married last April, I think a small part of me was hoping the marriage stereotypes of our American rural South upbringing would just go away. Based on the people we’ve met, while the cultural standards are certainly less prevalent, I still see these five things ingrained in the worldview of husbands.

Myth #1: You have to be a fixer.

I admit I may be fighting a stereotype with a stereotype, but it sure seems like guys have a tendency to try to fix things. When it comes to cars, computers, or leaky pipes, this is fine, but it’s important to resist the temptation to be a fixer when it comes to emotions.

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Rom-Com Week! “What If” and Bantering Towards a Proper Love Story

It’s Rom-Com Week! And I couldn’t be more excited to share my three favorite rom-coms and how they’re symbolic of real life relationship situations.


Today we’re looking at Chantry and Wallace in What If and how the film uses flirting to accurately develop a romantic relationship. If you haven’t seen the film, it’s on Amazon Prime Instant Video. You’ll derive more enjoyment, of course, if you go cuddle up with your guy, girl, cat, or dog, watch the movie, then come back here to finish reading. Continue reading “Rom-Com Week! “What If” and Bantering Towards a Proper Love Story”

Five Important Pieces of Breakup Advice

I know that no relationship is the same, and so to answer this question with any kind of direct statements would be nothing but naive. I also know that no relationship is black and white, and each one consists of individual nuances unique to the couple. For the guy and the girl, or any combination of the such, any point you get to past “friendly dating” means there are intense emotional strings that tie the two together. Breaking up is one of the most difficult things to do in life, no matter what kind of emotional disposition the two of you have

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Three Ways We Can All Stop Jumping to Conclusions

I’ll bet you’ve already assumed from the title that I feel negatively about the idea of jumping to conclusions. If so, you’d be right, and this is one of the very few instances where you jumping to a conclusion actually turned out okay.

I live life with a short list of overall objectives. These are just things that seem right, moral, and loving. One item on that list is that I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, which releases them from any judgement they may not be able to defend against. I will never judge someone based on how another person or group of people views his or her life. Jumping to conclusions about a person, attacking them consciously and avoid their influence in your life, is really an ineffective strategy for showing love, which is of particular importance to me. And while it may be natural to annihilate any influence that may run counter to your worldview, I feel it really only shown an underlying lack of confidence in your own paradigm. Continue reading “Three Ways We Can All Stop Jumping to Conclusions”

Five Reasons You Must Be Best Friends with Your Significant Other

I liked her as soon as I met her. Her eyes were this special shade of brown, her hair unique as it shifted between brown and blonde, and the way she talked was something the likes of which I’d never quite heard before or since. I didn’t even know her middle name yet, but I did know it was love at first sight.

The next day I asked her out. Turns out she felt the same way and immediately said yes. We spent the next six months making out, going to movies, making out, going to dinner, making out… okay mostly just making out. It was so exciting, at first, but one day I woke up and took a moment to think… maybe I’m not in love any more. Maybe I’m falling out of love. Brain chemicals. Infatuation. Continue reading “Five Reasons You Must Be Best Friends with Your Significant Other”