Announcement | Snail Mail Inkling Club

We’re finishing up production of Tracking Shells: Our Mario Kart Memories, so we’ll try to keep this brief. We’ve added a special new $5 tier to Patreon! In our option, this has to be one of the most unique and fun concepts on Patreon. It has been something we’ve wanted to do since coming up with the idea of the Daily Inklings!

Announcing the Snail Mail Inkling Club!

Here’s how it works:

  • For $5 a month, you’ll receive a very special Inkling via snail mail once a month. These prompts will not be featured as Daily Inklings, and will be crafted specifically for Patrons.
  • They will arrive in an envelope emblazoned with the Normal Happenings style and sealed with a sticker.
  • If that isn’t cool enough, if you reply to the Inkling via blog post, email, or even better, a response letter of you own, we’ll collect them and feature them in their very own blog post!
  • Of course, you’ll also get early access to Daily Inklings, as well as an invitation to our upcoming Discord server.
  • And if you’re truly opposed to traditional mail, no worries. We can send a digital copy as well. But that does remove some of the fun of opening a letter!

We are strangely obsessed with receiving and opening actual mail, so we’re hoping you’ll join us in the fun while supporting our creative endeavors! You can help support us over at our Patreon page!

Before we go, we’d like to give a special shout-out to our current and former Patrons!

You can get to know them a little better on our Amazing People page!

Help us make great designs, ambitious collaborations, and even achieve our dreams of podcast and video content! Consider becoming one of the amazing patrons of Normal Happenings.

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Currently we’re at $18 out of $42!


December 2018 Updates: The Path to a Great 2019

Greetings everyone, and welcome back to Normal Happenings! We’re all rested up from our break after dropping the epic collab that is The Games That Define Us! The purpose of this post is to get you all reacquainted with normality after such a huge event, and to lead us into 2019 on a high note!

Clearly there is much to discuss, so much so that, yep, that’s a table of contents. Click to jump to the sections that most interest you, or start from the top! Enjoy!

Table of Contents

👁️ Visual Renovations
🎮 The Games That Define Us
🤔 The Next Collaboration (#3)
👩‍🚀 Project: Dysontopia
📣 Project: Normal Talks
✍️ Daily Inklings
🔮 Future Topics
💙 Guest Posts
🏆 2019 NH Blog Awards
🎁 Patreon & Support

👁️ Visual Renovations

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  • NEW FEATURE: Section and Post Highlights.
  • Accent font change: Cocogoose is out, Geo Sans is in.
  • Each new blog piece will now have a unique but cohesive design.

We have unleashed the power of the block editor in a big way! I know many people don’t like it, and I don’t blame you if you’re having trouble with it. It certainly takes some getting used to, but for a CSS nerd like me the block editor is a godsend!

Continue reading “December 2018 Updates: The Path to a Great 2019”

Good Reception | Daily Inkling

Write a blog post inspired by today’s Daily Inkling:

Good Reception

Difficulty Level:

A weird side effect of a popular ointment causes humans to grow an antenna after five years of daily consecutive use — something that slipped past the drug testing agencies of the world. The antenna has a purpose, though! What is this new appendage useful for? Tell us a story about its ensuing situations.  Continue reading “Good Reception | Daily Inkling”

A Leaf Storm of Autumnal Updates

It looks like we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. We’re doing some fun and interesting things at Normal Happenings, and I’m excited to give you the guided tour!

The Smallest Redesign Ever

We’d like you to take a moment to just look around. We’ve made some very subtle tweaks around the site that we feel compliments the site design in meaningful ways. Here are just a handful: Continue reading “A Leaf Storm of Autumnal Updates”