Five Ways to be an Adventurous Spirit

We’re walking around in a world that is distinctly not designed for adventures. Technology has allowed pretty much every mile of land to be tracked and cataloged, and humans inhabit pretty much every livable quadrant of the map. If you’ve ever played an open world adventure game like Skyrim, Dragon Age, or Zelda, you’ll quickly realize that that’s not how life works anymore. Frontiersmen (and women) no longer risk their lives to try to find that next undiscovered cave, mountain, or creature. Now, you’ll be hard pressed to find a town with less than a thousand people. The new normal is counting up how many states you’ve been to, and only the bravest routinely travel to other countries. The world has become too small. The act of adventure has been replaced with the spirit of adventure. Continue reading “Five Ways to be an Adventurous Spirit”