Find Peace in Arriving, Not Arrival

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“I Already See It” | Kye Kye

Nikki and I had the fortune of discovering this phenomenal electropop band when they opened for another of our favorite artists at a concert in Birmingham, Alabama U.S.

You’ve heard the cliché a million times: “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” Removed from all overuse, it’s a good quote. It sticks to your hippocampus like bubble gum in your hair, and with the fast-acting potency of a prescription encapsulates everything you need to know about appreciating life in the now. Yet, despite no syllable wasted, seven words necessarily sells short the complexity of life. The nuanced complications of this human experience run as deep and as wide as the ocean.

The ocean. It is the place I miss most about my old life in Alabama, U.S. I’ve lived in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. for 441 days – don’t worry, I used math rather than counting each day — and I must say I’m impressed. Between the epic hiking trails – one going horizontally across the entire state — and myriad of parks, you’re never too far of a drive from becoming one with nature for a while. But what I wouldn’t give for one of those skinny trails overgrown with underbrush to lead to a portal to the ocean. I’d love to push away some stubborn scrub and suddenly feel the soft hot sand below my feet. Immediately being spirited away to somewhere amazing is the dream of a kid, but I guess I was never very good at abandoning my child-like fantasies. You get what you’re given in reality, however, and portals give ways to the combustion of the car engine. Continue reading “Find Peace in Arriving, Not Arrival”

The Courage of Stars: Finding Personal Truth in an Unsupportive World


This post contains two mild trigger warnings:
First, I briefly talk about my own panic attacks, particularly in regards to self-doubt. Proceed with caution if you’re prone to anxiety. Second, I delve into my own spiritual beliefs as part of my own identity, but I have no desire to push those on other people.

This post is best read along with the song “Saturn” by Sleeping at Last. However, if you haven’t heard it, I recommend experiencing it for the first time with the music video. You can always hit restart while you’re reading through this post. Trust me, you’ll want to.


You taught me the courage of stars /
before you left 

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The Easy Road to Cynicism, and the Perilous Expedition Getting Back

“The adventure begins,” I thought to myself while sitting on the couch after working hard to get my apartment furnished and in order. One would think I was referring to the idea of being an adult, independent, beginning a new life of being self-supportive. However, in this case, my thoughts were of something else entirely. The adventure was of me completely abandoning my pessimistic ways and completing my metamorphosis into a real idealist. I honestly didn’t think it was possible.

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