Everyone Has Embarrassing Wedding Stories, Right?

Happy anniversary to us! Two years ago on a beautiful April Fool’s Day in a small town in Alabama, I married Nikki, the woman of my dreams. Thus, we signed our names to each other’s history and future — a decision of love I could never regret.

I’ve never heard a soul who is now married say that their wedding went off without hysteria. I suppose I am no exception. Seven-hundred and thirty days removed from the event, I think I am now ready to tell this story.

There are three generally accepted cosmological theories about how the universe will end. The Big Chill is the most commonly accepted, where over the course of deep time all of the energy in the universe will dissipate, leaving creation a void, lifeless, expanding darkness. The Big Crunch expects all matter will eventually coalesce into a point similar to the ingredients needed for a Big Bang. And then, there’s the Big Rip — not a theory. It happened on my wedding day. Continue reading “Everyone Has Embarrassing Wedding Stories, Right?”

Five Stereotypes for Husbands and How to Defy Them

When my wife and I moved to the Midwest after dating for eight years and getting married last April, I think a small part of me was hoping the marriage stereotypes of our American rural South upbringing would just go away. Based on the people we’ve met, while the cultural standards are certainly less prevalent, I still see these five things ingrained in the worldview of husbands.

Myth #1: You have to be a fixer.

I admit I may be fighting a stereotype with a stereotype, but it sure seems like guys have a tendency to try to fix things. When it comes to cars, computers, or leaky pipes, this is fine, but it’s important to resist the temptation to be a fixer when it comes to emotions.

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