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Good Reception

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A weird side effect of a popular ointment causes humans to grow an antenna after five years of daily consecutive use — something that slipped past the drug testing agencies of the world. The antenna has a purpose, though! What is this new appendage useful for? Tell us a story about its ensuing situations.  Continue reading “Good Reception | Daily Inkling”

Super Specific Liebster Award II: The Tension Between Who and Whom

Well hello there, and welcome to another…

Hold on, I’ve received a alert on my phone:


Huh, sounds serious. Well, I guess while I’m taking cover, I’ll take the time to respond to the Liebster Award nomination from the amazing Unoriginal (love) noteS! Lizardin Bain and I go way back to, well, March, when I restarted blogging, and I’ve loved the endless creativity displayed on their amazing blog! It was an honor to receive the nomination, so thank you very much! Continue reading “Super Specific Liebster Award II: The Tension Between Who and Whom”

Super Specific Sunshine Award IV

It’s been a while since the last Super Specific Sunshine Award — three months and over 100 new followers, in fact! But, leave it to the amazing The Gaming Diaries to break the dark spell! Also, they are contributing to Games That Define Us, so that’s pretty cool.

If you’re just joining us, the way I do things is a bit zany, so here’s a tiny outline:

  1. I answer the questions presented by our dear nominator.
  2. I select ten amazing bloggers to take on my questions.
  3. I come up with ten of the most outlandish, super-specific, interrogatory concepts my weird brain can conjure.
  4. I snicker at my own deviousness (this part not included).


I guess ten questions just isn’t good enough for The Gaming Diaries. You had to go with eleven! What did the number ten ever do to you?

Name 5 things that make you happy.

  1. Pizza
  2. Pizza
  3. Pizza
  4. Pizza
  5. Pizza

Oh, sorry. My WordPress Premium Plan decided my list was unacceptable, along with the Amazon music playlist I tried to embed, custom CSS I tried to implement, Google Analytics tag I tried to place…

I seem to be getting off-track. That’s the subject of next Wednesday’s post, not today’s.

Things that actually make me happy:

  1. Watching the clouds change shape while looking out the top floor of a building.
  2. Randomly discovering a coupon for something I buy anyway.
  3. Talking to an extremely kind person in a place you wouldn’t normally expect.
  4. Watching the season cliffhanger of a TV show, and then immediately watching the follow-up episode because it’s already out.
  5. Doing anything in the world with Nikki.

Favourite video game character?

Sanic teh Edgehog…
is not an actual video game character.

Actually it’s Wind Waker Link. He wasn’t the chosen hero. He wasn’t granted divine power by the gods. He wasn’t trained for years to defeat the land’s evil.

He was just a boy.
Trying to save his sister.

Wind Waker Link is awesome.

What was the last game you played?

I’m pretty sure everyone’s last video game, myself included, is Octopath Traveler. I’m also pretty sure we’re all still on Chapter 1.

If you could experience one game again for the first time, what game would you choose?


But more specifically, Kirby’s Adventure on the NES. It was my first video game, and I’d love to experience those feelings again.

Are there any games that you wish had got a sequel?

Ristar on the Genesis! I don’t understand why Sega hasn’t given this game a proper sequel, especially in today’s climate of platformer experimentation.

Favourite way to play: PC or console?

Console! I can’t stand playing on PC. I know that’s blasphemous, but I just don’t understand how people sit at a PC for hours at a time.

*types a 1,200-word blog on a PC*

Home console or handheld (or in the case of a switch – docked or handheld)?

For the Switch, my preferred method is handheld, even if I’m in my apartment and have easy access to the TV. I am strange.

If you could have a video game character as a sidekick who would you choose?

I’m trying to imagine Tails trying to fly me to inaccessible places, only to realize I’m a 6′ 7” (2.05 m) guy who’s far to heavy to be propelled in that manner. I’d still like him along, though, if only for the free hits on enemies.

Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon?

Cryro the Bandigon!
or perhaps Spysh the Drandicoot.
I’d play the heck out of Spysh the Drandicoot.

Crash, but they are two different genres. Nikki, however, is preferential to Spyro.

Pikachu or Eevee?

Eevee, but only because the name is a palindrome. Can you tell I’m not really into Pokemon?

Games based on films or films based on games?

Not sure, but whatever Wreck-It Ralph was, I want more of that!


To obtain a Normal Happenings Super Specific Sunshine Award, not to be confused with a Strange Occurrences Sunshine Award, a Sunshiny Sunshine Award of Awesome, or simply a Sunshine Award, the following ten of you are requested and required to answer my ten super specific questions in a separate blog post. Consider this your official invitation.

*Blue team!
**Mirror Match!
***Also unknowingly part of the blue team.
****Self-referential name is self-referential.
***** This footnote intentionally left blank.

Super Specific Questions

I know that if I don’t say it, someone else will. Yes, pedantically, some of these aren’t proper questions. But, if you like, you can add the words “will you” to the beginning of any command sentences and form questions. Problem solved.

  1. This one should be fun! Ask a person you’re close to how their doing, either in-person or over text messages. Then, as they reply, spend the next few minutes repeating back everything they say as a question. For example:
    Friend: Are you just repeating back everything I say?
    You: Everything you say? 
    How did they react? How long did it take before they wanted to kill you?

  2. How would you finish this joke?
    A paperclip, a sticky note, and a pair of scissors walk into a bar…

  3. What is your favorite hour, of your favorite day, of your favorite month, of your favorite season? (Make sure you show your work — it helps to read this question backwards.)

  4. And suddenly, you wake up. Real life has been a dream this whole time, and you’re actually living in the world of a book or video game. What’s more, it’s your wedding day. What character in what work is your soon-to-be-spouse?

  5. Story time! The last thing you ate comes to life! Oh bother. Craft a story of five sentences or less with that sentient consumable as a central plot mechanic.

  6. I have a spider that has decided to make it’s home on the corner of my front door. It keeps rebuilding its web no matter how many times I knock it down. What should I name this resilient arachnid?

  7. Oday ouyay igpay atinlay?

  8. Useless Superpower Bedbug: The Return!
    Which of the following useless superpowers would choose and why?
    – The ability to become invisible, but only when nobody is looking at you
    – The ability to teleport anywhere within a 100 yard (91.4 m) radius… but the process takes longer than it does to walk there
    – The ability to type backwards at the same speed as typing normally

  9. My desktop background bores me once again. What should I change it to this time?

  10. Describe how you feel about my super-specific questions, but give me the exact opposite of your true feelings.

If you weren’t nominated, that’s totally okay! Play along in the comments! If I like your answer, I may nominate you for a  future super specific award. I’m looking forward to seeing your responses!

*snicker snicker*

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