StarCraft | The Game That Defines The Zerathulu View

Eight years later I somehow found myself in a tiny dorm room with an amazing bunch of like-minded people. It's absolutely incredible how at university you can meet people from all backgrounds and still have so much in common. All of us were studying either Physics or Chemistry. All eighteen. All vociferous nerds... And all of us were hooked on StarCraft.

The Sims 4 | The Game That Defines Nerd Side of Life

Even after streaming and playing, The Sims 4 is letting me express my creativity. When I feel like I don’t have any creativity in me, I find myself going on The Sims and building houses and creating families. So thank you Sims 4, for being the best game I could have asked for. You are there for me when no one else is.

Day Z | The Game That Defines Will

Since DayZ, survival games have come in droves, some have stuck around but many failed and disappeared, they just couldn’t quite capture that DayZ feeling... I owe that game so much, it has shaped me as a gamer, it is the game that has inspired me to make videos, to write stories about my experiences. I’ve literally made friends for life playing it.

Wizard 101 | The Game That Defines Krysanthe

Here’s the magical thing for me about Wizard101: I made amazing friends, many whom I’m still connected with today. I learned that you can trust people you’ve met on the internet. In fact, you can learn and grow with them. Without my Wizard101 friends, I never would have had the courage to begin my online writing adventure, and I never would have started my blog.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption | The Game That Defines Wintendo 64

Metroid Prime 3 was the first game to show me that a female protagonist can be just as valid as a male protagonist. In addition, she's a character living with mental illness who is capable of overcoming her obstacles. Whenever you seem to be on your own it doesn’t mean you’re helpless. And even when you’ve lost everything life is still worth fighting for.

BioShock | The Game That Defines Git Gud at Life

BioShock proved to me that games could be something I never even dreamed of. They could be dark, scary gruesome but at the same time beautiful, sophisticated and yes… fun. So BioShock changed me -- games were once little more than a way to waste some time. Now they are something more. Games are a form of art.