Evolving Normal Happenings: Building the Infrastructure for The Characters That Define Us

We approach the end of August, and there is absolutely nothing on the horizon.

Well, except for one thing.
Just, you know, a gigantic year-long collaboration the likes of which the blogosphere has never soon.
Other than that, nothing at all!


We’ve got huge plans for this project, but we’ve got to get there.

We’re throwing all we’ve got at the year 2020:

  • Feature pieces.
  • Daily Inklings.
  • Modern Designs.
  • Hopefully something very huge I’ve yet to reveal.
  • And of course the cornerstone: 57 incredible pieces for our collaboration.

Right now we are a beautiful city with tall skyscrapers and hip boutique restaurants.
But we have dirt roads and rope bridges.
We need infrastructure.

We’re making the call. We’re moving to a self-hosted platform.

I need all the power of CSS, HTML, plug-ins, scripts, storage space, etc to pull this off. Mad art requires mad power, and I’m afraid WordPress.com simply isn’t going to cut it anymore. Luckily for me, you all are constantly incredible at supporting us on social media, so we’re going to be just fine.

Here’s the deal. I need all the time from now to December to front-load this project. I have to design and write like mad starting right now to pull this thing off. That means I’m pushing all blog posts, all Daily Inklings, all Mario Maker courses — all everything except promoting The Characters That Define Us. I am determined to facilitate making 2020 a year-long thrill-ride of artistic goodness.

How can you help? Just keep being there for us, encouraging us along the way. Keep up with us on Twitter, and share social media posts so others can enjoy this group’s hard work in 2020. And if you want to help us offset the costs, we’d very much love for you to pitch in as a Patreon supporter! We’ll keep you updated on our progress.

You can feel the anticipation rising. The Characters That Define Us — the most ambitious blogging collaboration we’ve ever done — approaches. Let’s do it right.

Did you know we’re part of the best community of bloggers in the world? Now that the Normal Happenings Starry-Eyed Discord is up, we’re having incredible conversations every day! You can join us right now by becoming a Patron of Normal Happenings! Also, $5+ Patrons unlock Snail Mail Inklings and get featured in very special blog posts!




The 2019 Normal Happenings BLOG AWARDS!

We’ve kept you waiting long enough…
It’s time!

The 2019 Normal Happenings 
Blog Awards!

What a wild ride it’s been this year! We’ve met an amazing community of people we’ve met along the way! We’ve organized these blog awards as a way of saying thanks. If you’re reading this, you’re quite simply a wonderful person. Even if you didn’t get an “official” award, just by being a part of this community, know that we adore you. Anyway, we’ve delayed the awards for long enough, so let’s give the people what they came for!

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The 2019 Normal Happenings Blog Awards: Now Accepting Nominations


  • The 2019 NH Blog Awards will be taking place on February 26, 2019.
  • Five categories exemplifying the best of blogging.
  • Accepting nominations within!

Blogs are great!
Readers are great!
Here’s a great idea!

The 2019 Normal Happenings 
Blog Awards!

We always want to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the people in our little corner of the blogosphere! That is what Nice Job Badges are for, after all. So many of you have spurred our desire for crafting excellent blog posts, and we couldn’t have done it without the constant support of our community. From commenters to contributors to Twitter aficionados, it has been a pleasure interacting with each and every one of you.

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UPDATES! Hyrule Collab RELEASE DATE + Upcoming Well-Red Contribution + More

Upcoming Top 7 List for Well-Red Mage

Oh Well-Red Mage, you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. June 20 will see me contribute to The Well-Red Mage’s June Collaboration Project, where I will be giving my take on the Top 7 Best Nintendo DS Games. Well-Red, you do realize that’s a Wednesday, right? That’s like top-billing for bloggers, as statistically Wednesday mornings are the best day and time to post a blog according to *science.*

For real though, go subscribe, not only because I’m excited for you to read my very long list post, but also because the mages are redefining game media as we know it. No, for real, it says that in their bio. One day I shall become a mage, just as soon as they invent I organize more hours in the day for writing long-winded philosophical video game musings.

Hyrule Collaboration RELEASE DATE

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May These Four Updates Be With You

On the Sights and Sounds of Hyrule

There is no doubt in my mind now that Hyrule: See the Sights! Hear the Sounds! is going to be amazing. About half the posts from my amazing contributors are written and in the editing process! Some have even chosen to write two or even three sections!

On my end, I’ve started some preliminary visual design and audio editing. Nikki has also finished her semester and plans to sit down with me and insure that no typo gets through. I want nothing less than for this to be a true audiovisual feature with all the bells and whistles. That means thorough editing, high-quality art/design, internal continuity, and compelling content. Continue reading “May These Four Updates Be With You”