To a Father; Love, a Daughter

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I’m three years old, and I’m holding your hand as we walk towards a baseball field. I feel safe when you hold my hand. I feel safe when I’m in your arms. I wish you’d hold me more. I wish you’d play with me more. I wish you were home more. My world is so small for now, but I know I love you.

I often wonder what you thought about when you and mom planned to have me. Did you think of my first steps? Or perhaps my first word? Or maybe you pictured the same blue eyes you have looking back up at you. Did you ever think that things would be the way they are today?

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What I Didn’t Know I Knew

Long before Normal Happenings was even a concept, I was gifted this guest blog post from the amazing Judy Dykstra-Brown of lifelessons fame. I was a different person back in those days, and I didn’t fully understand the nuances of blogging or supporting an audience through creative endeavors. So, after staring at this phenomenal post in the recesses of my publications, I began searching for the right time to properly restore this gem. There could not be a post more dedicated to appreciating everyday life, so I hope you enjoy. Please don’t forget to follow this fantastic blogger when you’re done reading!

What I Didn’t Know I Knew
by Judy Dykstra-Brown

When Matt Estes asked me to write a guest blog about finding happiness in life, I wondered what I could say that wouldn’t appear to be trite. Then I decided that all truths of life are in their essence trite—because at heart they are what everyone eventually discovers if they choose to examine life as it occurs. They are also at the heart of most writing. It is only the words chosen to convey them that change from teller to teller. Here are some truths I have discovered as I get older. Continue reading “What I Didn’t Know I Knew”

We Need Your Talent! Collaboration #2

Are you a blogger?
Do you like any video game ever?
Then it’s time to pay attention again!

With the success of Hyrule: See the Sights! Hear the Sounds!, I am now ready to reveal what the next collaboration is going to be!

The Next Collaboration!
The Games That Define Us

The Premise:

We all have that one game that is truly a part of our identity. It’s not just any video game, it’s our video game. It’s the one that’s always on our mind when we think about nostalgia or even games in general — the one with the most memories and stories attached to it.

Each amazing contributor — that means you — will write about the one game that influenced you the most from the moment it entered your life, telling stories of your adventures along the way and discussing how it still impacts you to this day. Continue reading “We Need Your Talent! Collaboration #2”

Guest Contribution for The Well-Red Mage | Top 7 Best Nintendo DS Games!

Remember that guest contribution I was talking about on Friday? Well, it’s up a day early! Check out my guest contribution: Console Challenge: Top 7 Best Nintendo DS Games over on The Well-Red Mage! I truly enjoyed writing it and will probably write more pieces for The Well-Red Mage in the future, so don’t forget to follow while you’re over there!

The DS represents a critical moment for Nintendo’s success over the next two years. If it succeeds, we rise to the heavens, if it fails, we sink… -Hiroshi Yamauchi

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