Patreon | Revised, Awesomized

Normal Happenings is growing, and just by being part of our wonderful blogging community, you are helping us accomplish our goals! Our readers (and soon, viewers and listeners) simply must be some of the most amazing people in the world! Gosh, that feels so good to say!

Our old Patreon model, while fitting for the direction we thought Normal Happenings was going for its time, ended up not working out the way we planned.

Time is valuable, and we think you probably at least have a passing familiarity with our work. The goals, the tiers, and even the upcoming promotional video have been vastly simplified to reflect the future ambitions of Normal Happenings! So, what does that future look like? It’s as simple as one, two, three. 

One Podcast: Normal Talks

We have already started putting the pieces together for Normal Talks, which will be a podcast with Nikki and me about appreciating everyday life. We’d like to try something unique. Rather than each episode being a well-planned show, we want to talk about everyday things and let our interactions take center-stage. We think you’ll like it.

Two High-Quality Video Series: ??? and ???

We will not reveal too much about these at this time, but we will say they both are video game related and loosely based on previous Normal Happenings collaborations. One more thing: we will not let a single video go live until is meets or exceeds the quality bar set by the amazingly artistic video game focused creators out there. Video games are art, and deserve to be treated as such. 

Three Ambitious Collaborations Each Year. 

We originally said we were going to do four collaborations each year akin to Hyrule: See the Sights! Hear the Sounds! and The Games That Define Us. We’ve decided to revise that down to three in order to not overload ourselves and to maintain a high level of quality. Still, considering the bullpen of amazing bloggers (including those for the upcoming Tracking Shells collab) who consistently contribute amazing pieces to our collaborations, you have so much to look forward to! 

We need funding to constantly improve. While we think we’re a ways off from supporting ourselves via content creation, our goal is and always will be to provide our wonderful audience with the highest quality work. It provides us fulfillment through artistic engagement, and we wouldn’t have it any differently. We need resources to shoot for the stars. Things like hardware and software, subscriptions to art resources, and audio equipment are essential for the highest quality creative content.

Therefore, we’ve slashed the number of tiers to just one

It may seem a little unusual, but it helps us completely circumvent our single biggest issue with the tier model. We do not believe in locking creative content behind a paywall. Even if that content is behind the scenes looks into our creative process, that itself is content beneficial to the entire word.

So, what will at least 1 USD a month get you? Quite a lot, actually, and it’s all wrapped up in these two things:

Early Access to Daily Inklings

We will publish our Daily Inklings as posts here on Patron as we come up with them, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure each Inkling is up at least three days in advance. That will give you a head start on tackling the prompts so you can release your answer when it comes out! 

Daily Inklings, if you are not familiar, are our writing prompts published seven days a week. They’re designed to spark your creativity with thought-provoking and often unique questions. Many bloggers who follow Normal Happenings love to turn them into blog posts, and our non-blogger audience loves to answer them just for fun! 

A Special Discord Server

Normal Happenings will be launching our own Discord server very soon, exclusively for collab contributors, VIPs, and Patrons! As a Patron, you’ll be invited to converse with us about anything you like! Additionally, there will be channels for upcoming collaborations, videos, and podcasts! 

The Break-Even Point

​In the​ interest of full transparency, we wanted to detail the tools and associated costs with Normal Happenings. Basically, what we want to do is not cheap — most art is not. We believe our first Patreon goal should be to “break even,” releasing us from the high cost this type of art often requires.

​Here’s what we currently pay for monthly:

  • ​Adobe Creative Cloud (20 USD/month)
    • Includes Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro, which are our main design and video tools.
  • Epidemic Sound (15 USD/Month)
    • Used for incorporating high quality audio into video projects. 
  • WordPress Premium (8 USD/month)
    • We love the new block editor, so we’re happy here for a while.

We would like to get to the point where each month’s Patreon check goes straight to paying off these creative content necessities.

Total: 42 USD/month

​Here’s what we own:

  • Surface Book 2, which is more than enough to keep us podcasting, designing, and editing videos for a very long time to come.
  • Video game capture card.
  • Serviceable podcasting equipment.

Total: 1,200 USD

We’d love to “pay these off” retroactively, but we’ll get to that a little later. Regardless, we have everything we need right now to start making amazing video and audio content!

If you want to know more or help support us monetarily, head on over to our recently revised Patreon page. And, of course, if you’re not in a position to help out in this manner, no pressure! Just keep on being an amazing reader who appreciates everyday life. You’re an important part of making this world a better place.

We are so excited to see what the future holds for Normal Happenings! We hope you’ll decide to be a part of it by supporting us on Patreon. 


Positivity By Force

💬 Highlights:

  • Positivity is a learned skill, but it has become my new default.
  • It takes a lot of energy to be positive.
  • Often tools are required to be optimistic in situations not ideal.

Part of my pursuit of removing pretentiousness and bloat from my own writing. Sometimes simple messages are best told simply.

“Positivity By Force”

Volume 2, Number 3

I am an optimist, but I was not born one. I am positive by default, but it is a learned skill. I do it because I feel it increases the quality of life of myself and those around me. The funny thing about positivity — it doesn’t come as easily as negativity. Like how it takes more effort to smile than to frown, it seems reasonable to set my default state of being to within a standard deviation of neutral. The day determines if I fall to the left or right of that baseline — a slight push towards negative or positive is determined by the weather, the daily commute, or the current level of caffeine consumption. That type of life does not work for me, however. I want to be more than the sum of my reactions.

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Farewell Nice Job Badges, You Will Be Missed


  • We’re discontinuing Nice Job Badges, even through they are popular.
  • It’s very challenging to pick just a handful of amazing blog posts in a week!
  • We’ll be highlighting amazing posts on Twitter and Daily Inklings.

Happy Friday, everyone! Or, perhaps, a melancholy Friday instead. We’ve made the decision here at Normal Happenings to discontinue one of our more popular features, Nice Job Badges.

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Pedestrians of Our Own Lives

💬 Highlights:

  • There seems to be an interesting connection between forming our first memories and forgetting each day as an adult.
  • As we grow up, we lose our wonderment towards everyday life.
  • Avoid deriving a sense of purpose from life’s big accomplishments.

Minor trigger advisory: this piece makes a few sporadic references to faith. As we’ve made clear in the past, we have no desire to push those on other people.

“Pedestrians of Our Own Lives”

Volume 2, Number 2

Back in school, I remember having a friend who insisted that he could remember being born. He was the competitive sort, especially when it came to one-upping others in experiences and smarts, so despite my pension for giving people the benefit of the doubt, I am still skeptical. He is not the only one, though; a subset of the human population also believes they possess memories prior to birth. Sentience, without so much as glimpse beyond the barrier of protection that is the womb? That’s hard for me to believe. The passage of time, that sudden stream of memories flooding our brain, and our very own purpose — our first great awakening — it all comes together in a funny way I cannot fully comprehend.

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Nice Job Badges | 2.3


  • Posts from around the blogosphere worthy of a “Nice Job!”
  • If you win one, feel free to add it to your post/site with a pingback.
  • In no particular order — they’re all great!

Nice Job Badges

Vol. 2, No. 3 | Prev · Next

Happy Friday, everyone! So, this week we have a very interesting situation in which a lot of very cool people responded to our tags all at once. We’re no stranger to giving away Nice Job Badges to those who reply to our Daily Inklings and Super Specific Awards, but this week was insane. We can’t promise to do this every time, but today we’ll be awarding badges to five responses to our activities this week.

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The 2019 Normal Happenings Blog Awards: Now Accepting Nominations


  • The 2019 NH Blog Awards will be taking place on February 26, 2019.
  • Five categories exemplifying the best of blogging.
  • Accepting nominations within!

Blogs are great!
Readers are great!
Here’s a great idea!

The 2019 Normal Happenings 
Blog Awards!

We always want to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the people in our little corner of the blogosphere! That is what Nice Job Badges are for, after all. So many of you have spurred our desire for crafting excellent blog posts, and we couldn’t have done it without the constant support of our community. From commenters to contributors to Twitter aficionados, it has been a pleasure interacting with each and every one of you.

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Nice Job Badges | 2.2


  • Posts from around the blogosphere worthy of a “Nice Job!”
  • If you win one, feel free to add it to your post/site with a pingback.
  • In no particular order — they’re all great!

Nice Job Badges

Vol. 2, No. 2 | Prev · Next

Greetings everyone, we hope you’re enjoying the second Friday of the year! Of course, here in St. Louis, we’re on the eve of a major league snowstorm, so we hope it’s nice, sunny, and warm wherever you are. Anyway, let’s kick off the weekend with some Nice Job Badges!

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What a Pessimistically Optimistic World We Weave

💬 Highlights:

  • There is a concerning obsession for pessimism in world slowly improving.
  • While not blind to the problems of the world, I strongly desire to make the world better.
  • Many Normal Happenings features this year will be thematically optimistic.

🎧 Recommended Listening:

Your First Light My Eventide, The Echelon Effect

“What a Pessimistically Optimistic World We Weave”

volume 2, number 1

Do you remember back in December 2012, when the world was at least in part convinced themselves that the world was just going to end? That, even after all of the little story arcs in all of our lives, Earth was simply going to blink out of existence. Books and documentaries of both prophetic doomsday and analytical reassurance rivaled each other on the shelves of their media marketplaces. The whole pandemonium seemed a bit childish, especially six years removed from the calamity of never.

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Nice Job Badges | 2.1


  • Posts from around the blogosphere worthy of a “Nice Job!”
  • If you win one, feel free to add it to your post/site with a pingback.
  • In no particular order — they’re all great!

Nice Job Badges

Vol. 2, No. 1 | Next

Well hello there! I hope the first four days of your 2019 have been a smashing success! It turns out that we haven’t given out Nice Job Badges since September 21, 2018. Yikes, talk about a great thing getting lost within the holiday frenzy of posts. We’re going to try to do better this year, dedicating Fridays purely to badges. As such, we’ve also removed a lot of bloat from the format, focusing instead on these brilliant writers. No more using badge posts as an excuse for updates — just an intro, five Nice Job Badges, and a brief conclusion.

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To a Father; Love, a Daughter

· Featuring Megan of A Geeky Gal ·

I’m three years old, and I’m holding your hand as we walk towards a baseball field. I feel safe when you hold my hand. I feel safe when I’m in your arms. I wish you’d hold me more. I wish you’d play with me more. I wish you were home more. My world is so small for now, but I know I love you.

I often wonder what you thought about when you and mom planned to have me. Did you think of my first steps? Or perhaps my first word? Or maybe you pictured the same blue eyes you have looking back up at you. Did you ever think that things would be the way they are today?

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