Facing Yourself: Escaping the Black Hole of Depression

– By Nikki – 

Mild trigger warning: if you struggle with depression or any related mental health issues, you’ll find this journey familiar. Be advised this post could be a difficult read.  

Imagine that you have been silent for the majority of your life. That silence turns into a big black hole constantly sucking away your desires, dreams, and goals. Life itself slows down, and you begin to see it stretch out before you and every person that you know is moving forward in life. You cannot move forward – you only look backward at the moment when everything changed, and you realize that you are stuck at the event horizon of that black hole. People on the outside see you and nothing has changed, but on the inside you are being stretched to the point of absolute destruction. You wonder if it will ever end. Continue reading “Facing Yourself: Escaping the Black Hole of Depression”

My Third and Final Breakup

Today I decided to give up being on Facebook and Instagram. Not completely, but at least on my iPhone. I still have to get on social media for work reasons. My motives for getting on Facebook and Instagram are for strictly business now.

What am I supposed to do without my security blanket? This has been the main thing that has been keeping my attention for the past three years! I feel like I’ve gone through a bad breakup. I have been through two in my life. My first breakup was with someone who I thought I loved. The second was supposed to be a filler guy who was taking up the space that belonged to my current fiance. Unfortunately, I ended up getting to know him and he broke my heart too. These negative experiences, however, led to the wonderful man that I will be marrying in less than a year. I love my fiance very much, and he helped me rise up from those horrible exes. Continue reading “My Third and Final Breakup”