About Mars Gone Mad

I much prefer writing in the style of my old blog. In the 250 or so posts I did on that blog, all nicely nestled in the “Archived Posts” section of the site, I could talk about whatever I want. Brilliantly personal insights about the meaning of life? Sure. Convicting posts about the nature of my faith? Yeah. The laments of me missing out on how to be a child? Of course. But the unfortunately reality is that these kind of things do not allow you as a writer to get out much. And while through the long hours of urging people to read my blog, I managed to achieve 15,000 views, that count over two years simply does not get you paid.

The audience determines what you write.

This was proven by the success of a simple blog post I made late into my A Link to the Matt run, simply titled “Five Things Guys Need to Quit Saying to Girls.” People liked it because it was click bait. I hate click bait. But I also know how to use it to my advantage. The simple fact is I can’t write long-winded spills about the meaning of life until people start reading the basic stuff. So, the best posts were 250 words or less. Therefore, my rule is that all of my posts are now going to be 250 words or less.

And so I’m taking a new approach to this blogging thing. Simple posts for smart people.

Word count: 245 words.


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