Seven Super Specific Questions to Spark Your Writing Talents

There are no shortcuts to writing.

However, trying to power through a plateau where the thoughts aren’t flowing does an author no good and wastes precious time. I’ve found the best cure for writer’s block is to think super-specifically.

We’re you’re approaching the creative process from a new angle, you find yourself thinking around the problem. Hopefully this establishes a new and superior narrative than what would have previously been written. Think of it like bypassing an figurative electrical short.

I encourage you to choose a Super Specific Question and get started writing a post! In the best case scenario, you’re off and writing, refreshed and inspired! The worst case scenario: you had fun!

Super Specific Question #7

Describe a moment in your life — possibly a catastrophic one — when physics didn’t seem to work quite as expected.


Super Specific Question #8

When was the last time you felt truly zoned in on a physical or mental task; as if your brain was operating on a higher level than normal?


Super Specific Question #9

How much control do you believe you have over future events? Does each action radically alter the future, or does it take many actions to affect it even a little?


Super Specific Question #10

Independent of meaning, what is a word or series of words that, to you, are pleasing to say or read?


Super Specific Question #11

Tell a story describing your thought process as you perform a relatively ordinary task.

Here’s the twist: you’re actually a literal robot, and a fairly flawed one at that.


Super Specific Question #12

You’re given two pieces of information.

  1. Extraterrestrials exist.
  2. Aliens have impacted Earth history exactly one time.

In what one event did aliens play a role?


Super Specific Question #13

Have you ever changed your field of study? From what, and how many times?

Alternately, you can also tell about a radical career change.


By the way, let me know if you took inspiration from a Super Specific Question. I’ll probably share it on Twitter!

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