Sora: The Character That Defines Nana Marfo


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The Japanese have a habit of taking weird concepts and making them awesome. If you were to tell five-year-old me that I would be write about a boy that wields an oversized key, I would be baffled. But for many, Sora has become a beacon of hope for many within the world of Square Enix.

For one, his iconic design in Kingdom Hearts 1 is based on Mickey Mouse, and it makes sense, as his red overall alongside a Grey and White Jacket is an easily recognizable design.

This design to me represents a Sora that is still innocent, and is about to start a wandering Journey during his stay between the Disney worlds. A big thing about Sora is that he’s an optimist to a fault, meaning that he tends to see things in a positive light all the time.

Sora doesn’t seem to understand the bigger scope of what is going on around him, to the point where gets tricked by the villains constantly into doing their biding. However, I find this to be a charming point of Sora, as he still tends to show kindness to most of people around him.

Another defining about Sora is that he carries the emotions of the hearts that he is carrying in him. A big theme of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts 3 is Sora finding out about the hearts that live in him. Hell, he wants to keep Roxas out of the festivities, and wants to put him in Data Twilight Town to make sure that he’s safe.

But the thing that I find the most amazing about Sora is his relationship with his two best friends, Riku and Kairi.

Sora values the safety and protection of his friends more than anything else,and that is a major factor of the Kingdom Hearts games that he is a protagnist in. KH1 involves him looking for his lost friends, Chain of Memories tests his relationships and memories through a castle that makes you forget them. KH2 involved him finding those friends again.

Sora sticks out as one of the most positive characters in video game history to me, and this magic makes special to many. Nomura may have said that a Sora was not meant to special, but with the amount of hearts he has touched (both in and outside the Kingdom Hearts universe) I doubt he is anything but.


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