Jin Kazama: The Character That Defines Triform Trinity


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Normal Happenings is proud to present The Characters That Define Us, a year long collaboration of 52+ incredible bloggers!

Happy Sunday, everyone! We’re happy to have newcomer Triform Trinity, an excellent review and media commentary blogger, with us for this collab. After a multitude of lengthy pieces this week, it’s a breath of fresh air to have a short, impactful story about the direct impact a character has had on a life.

So, it turns out in the process of putting this together, we discovered Trinity has gone viral for a super specific YouTube video — one of his character in Red Dead Redemption 2 petting a dog for several minutes. Watching it is a great way to unwind and is highly recommended. Trinity, this video is super specific genius.

You’re going to enjoy this piece, so let us not keep you from it any longer.


It was the year of 1999, little Trinity was sitting in his room trying to figure out what game to play on his PS1. Granted this was a PS1 where you could play burned games on, so there were a ton of games not in their original.

Nevertheless, rummaging through the various games as he had just finished playing through Crash Bandicoot 3, feeling quite satisfied but there was a need to play something more. Something, that required more skill from its player.
Unfortunately he couldn’t find the game that scratched that itch and with a defeated look he went down for dinner.

This is where it all changed, for his dad’s workbuddy had gotten his hands on two copies of a new game called Tekken. After dinner had concluded, both of them rushed into the living room, plugged the PS1 in the TV and then started the game up.

I can still remember as a six year old when the opening cinematic to Tekken 3 was playing on the TV screen and the main character Jin Kazama appeared with a branded mark of the devil that looked like a tattoo. It was like the saying “Love at first sight”, the character’s story intrigued me, his personality made me want to save him from a destiny that involved the Mishima Bloodline.

I was so in love with his tattoo design as well that I wanted it as my first one for years after. At the age of 21, I had acquired the money to finally get it on the same arm as Jin. Though the size might have been a bit different, still to this day it fills me with joy and certain strength to carry on even in the hardest of times.

That while we all have our demons within, it is possible to fight to overcome them.

So yeah, my father can still kick my ass in Tekken 3 after all these years but I know that I love this character from when we first met and still will, many centuries after as the Tekken series continues Jin’s story, with me sitting behind to support the character all the way through.


Adventure Map! *FINISHING UP!*


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