Aloy: The Character That Defines The Gaming Diaries


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Normal Happenings is proud to present The Characters That Define Us, a year long collaboration of 52+ incredible bloggers!

Time for the last of three The Characters That Define Us pieces featuring strong female protagonists! We’re here with The Gaming Diaries today, one of the kindest bloggers on the internet! They have a great blog, and a killer Twitch channel, so go subscribe! After reading this, please check out their piece on Crash Bandicoot for The Games That Define Us.

Aloy is one of my favorite characters in all of video games, so I’ve been excited to share this piece for quite some time. Please enjoy!


When I first properly started with console gaming I had a PlayStation. I had had Game Boys before that, however, the first attached to a TV console that was bought for me, and was mine, was a PS1 since I played Pong before either of those so make of that what you wish. I loved my PS1. However, I then drifted away from owning PlayStation consoles. Fast forward until 2018 and I returned to PlayStation with my PS4, having had various handhelds, Wii, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in between plus acquiring some retro consoles.

Throughout the years there have been many characters that I have grown to know and love. When Normal Happenings first announced The Characters That Define Us several ran through my head. However, Aloy, a much more recently met character, was my top choice. Closely followed by Kara from Detroit: Become Human and the true star of Animal Crossing, namely Isabelle. So, imagine if I was talking about them instead. However, we must return to the fabulous Aloy.

For those of you who don’t know who Aloy I’ll begin with a little introduction. Aloy is the main character in the 2017 action RPG Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy lives in a world where machines roam free and people are grouped by tribes. However, she does not belong to a tribe officially after being cast out at birth. Although she takes part in a competition to become a Nora Brave and therefore a member of the Nora Tribe when she is old enough, she wins against most expectations and so becomes a Brave and then ends up as Seeker. A Nora Seeker is a Nora Brave who is granted the ability to leave the sacred land and is sent to accomplish a great purpose or mission. This is necessary for the events of Horizon Zero Dawn and means Aloy returns to the outside world where she grew up and goes further into other territories in order to complete her journey. Aloys journey is two fold: one to find the truth about her past and where she came from and, of course, to establish why the machines become deranged and thus protect everyone.

Aloy, of the Nora or in spite of the Nora depending on who you ask is a phenomenal character. She is courageous and so inspiring (and not just because of her perfect hair that I wish I could do). Aloy faces any challenge that is thrown up against her whether it is the challenge of the Brave trials, fighting against the perceptions of the motherless in the Nora society as well as the perceptions of the Nora to other tribes. I find this so inspiring in a character. You can tell her feelings when she faces these but she always works to overcome whatever is thrown at her.

Having the courage, confidence and self belief to go out into the world, and into the sacred land, and do whatever needs done even if it is terrifying is inspiring. In the last few years there have been times where I have been scared to go out, scared to be in crowds, scared to put myself out there. However seeing a character who has to fight against traditional beliefs, the poor expectations of her and general difficulties as a person on her sort of journey helps me see that I too can do it. One step at a time for me and, let’s face it, more of one giant leap at a time for Aloy but I’ll stick with a step. Seeing a strong character take it all on with her own difficulties but still manage it meant I could try to put myself out there and meant I could see someone inspire me to take the next step. She gave me the confidence to work towards my small goals and my comparatively tiny trials which I was attempting to overcome.

No matter what she is facing, she somehow goes in and faces it. Whilst I’m sure there are doubts, she doesn’t let them overwhelm her. This is something I wish I could do. However, I do look up to her in this sense. One day I will be able to ignore my doubts and go forward with confidence.

She is also a character I look to when I consider how “tiny”, “unimportant” and “useless” that I feel I am. As a “motherless” child she was cast out and rather than protected by the tribe and raised to her potential as part of the Nora she was an outcast. Though one Matriarch, Teersa, believed she was a blessing and ensured Aloy would be in a loving home with Rost, another Nora outcast. This child, who grows into the strongest person in part due to her determination to prove everyone wrong and due to her upbringing as well as her innate strength, is shown to be an inspiring young woman and she inspires me. She gives me the belief that I can carry on and I can do this even if I don’t always realise it myself. She shows me someone that despite everything thrown at her (or running head first at her), she can do it and it isn’t always impossible.

Aloy is the person I that inspires me for the person I want to become. She has amazing qualities, and whilst she is overlooked by many she doesn’t let this stop her. One day I would like to become like that. She will always hold a special place in my heart for being the character I met at the start of my PS4 journey and for being an amazing role model at that.

If she can do it then maybe I can too. Especially since I don’t have to fight giant machines that have gone rogue.


Adventure Map! *FINISHING UP!*


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