Barsen’thor: The Character That Defines Krysanthe


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Ready for Revenge of the Fifth?

May fifth brings us the second of two Star Wars-related entries, this time by the amazing Krysanthe! We’re glad to have her back for this collaboration. After reading this piece, be sure to check out her contribution to The Games That Define UsKathy is also quite the crafts master, so please support this artist by buying things from her shop!

Without further delay, let’s begin!


There’s a title reserved for the most prestigious among us, whose wisdom and skill safeguard the galaxy. It hasn’t been bestowed in thousands of years.

But you have proven worthy. Now the Council names you Barsen’thor, Warden of the Order.

– Jedi Masters Jaric Kaedan and Syo Bakarn, Star Wars: The Old Republic

Warden…of…the…Order. When I think of the word warden certain synonyms come to mind: guardian, caretaker, custodian, and even overseer. The definition of warden itself means a person who guards and manages. What does that sound like to you?

A mother.

Oh don’t roll your eyes, it’s exactly like a mother. A mother guards her children from the moment they are born. She takes care of not only their physical needs, but also their emotional needs. She oversees them daily in their school and play. And she keeps them safe until that time when they are ready to go out in the big wide world.

Maybe that’s why, as a mother myself, I could identify so closely with the Barsen’thor of the Jedi Order in Star Wars: The Old Republic. She was me, and I already was her.

I’ve played Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) off and on since it’s launch in 2011. My very first character was a Jedi consular. I chose the consular class first because in Star Wars lore, they seek knowledge by studying all of the mysteries of the Force. The consular also is a diplomat who strives to seek peace; totally me every darn day. That being said, I knew that creating a consular would suit me. In the story, the Jedi consular becomes the Barsen’thor, Warden of the Order.

If you’re not familiar with SWTOR one of it’s greatest features are the eight individual class stories. Each three-chapter story weaves a riveting tale for your character. You get to make light side, dark side, and neutral choices as the story is unveiled. Believe it or not, within the story your choices can make a difference. It’s amazing, and it’s one of the reasons I’ve played the game for so long.

I’ve played all eight of the class stories at least once, and by far, the story of the Jedi consular resonates with me the most. It also happens to be my favorite play style. Today, I’ve got 11 Jedi consulars, but only three actually have gotten the chance to become the Barsen’thor.

Krysanthe’s Tragic Tale

My first consular was a plucky little Force user named Krysanthe. She made choices on a whim. Krysanthe really just made the choices that I was feeling as I engaged with the story. She did make one very poor decision that sealed her fate forever. It was the choice to kill Lord Vivicar, a character who had been infecting all the Jedi Masters with a dark plague.

She knew that there was a chance that the hundreds of Jedi that Vivicar had infected might die with his death. She knew that she could have chosen to cure him. For her, the risk that her shielding technique might not work on him was too great. So she killed him.

Shortly after, Krysanthe was named the Barsen’thor of the Jedi Order for overcoming the dark plague. She even took a mini-vacation to celebrate her new job title. While on vacation she got a message from the Jedi council to inform her that all of the masters who had been inflicted by the dark plague had perished… a 12 page long message. That was the end of Krysanthe. The burden was too great. To this day, she still sits on the Republic Fleet to remind others to choose wisely.

No joke, I never played on her again.

Krysanthe did not deserve to be the Warden of the Order. She wasn’t a guardian to all of those fallen masters. She didn’t take care of them! Just like motherhood, there are days when I feel like I don’t deserve to be a mother to my kids. Maybe I let them have cake for breakfast because I’m just too tired to cook. Or perhaps they get to watch WAY too much TV. Yes, it’s true, I make mistakes. Unlike Krysanthe though, I get to continue on. I grow and learn as a parent each and everyday.

Carinna The Caretaker

It took me quite some time before I created another Jedi consular, but I wanted to create a healer. In SWTOR, a Jedi Sage is the best way to go. Carrina was born with some insight into her future, she knew she was destined to be the Barsen’thor. She also knew that that the Force truly had a lot of gray areas.

Carrina was strong. She never hesitated to make a darkside choice if she felt it was for the good of the Jedi Order. She, of course, used the shielding ritual to heal Lord Vivicar, but she made a lot…I mean, a LOT of darkside choices.

She was like the momma bear of the Jedi order. Her choices were made with passion and her decisions always screamed, “don’t mess with my people.” She was a true warden, even if she was a warden with a dark streak.

Truth be told, I have many Carinna moments as a parent as I rage into protective momma mode. It’s my job, they are my kids. I love them more them they could ever imagine, and I will do anything to make sure they are cared for and safe.

Rinnah The Righteous

Master Rinnah was born to be virtuous. I created her as a part of the SWTOR Dark vs Light event, and she set out to only make light side choices. Seriously, that girl was so pure that she only wore white robes.

I loved her!!

The Jedi council loved her!

She is the epitome of what the Jedi Order needed in their Barsen’thor. The changes in her story weren’t huge, but they were noticeable, and it felt good. In the end, she even got a seat on the Jedi council; a chance that Carinna never received.

I seriously cried.

Rinnah was THE true warden to the order. She was a wise guardian and a nurturing caretaker. She let the light side of the Force guide her and not her passion. She is the mother I strive to be.

The Barsen’thor Of My Own Order

I am the warden of my own order. I call it my family. Everyday I make choices that affect their lives. Some days my choices are wise and virtuous, like Rinnah. And, some days, I live with passion and strength like Carrina. I even have those days when I make bad choices, like Krysanthe. But I am their warden, their guardian, their caretaker…I am their Barsen’thor.


Adventure Map! *COMING THURSDAY!*


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