Leia Organa: The Character That Defines Nerd Side of Life


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Normal Happenings is proud to present The Characters That Define Us, a year long collaboration of 52+ incredible bloggers!

Today begins The Final Chapter for Normal Happenings, in which we retire this blog in spectacular fashion. That means from today, May 4, to June 24, we’ll be releasing a new post almost every day. That means all entries for The Characters That Define Us will be released over the next two months.


See this Twitter thread for more details.

What’s next? Simple, I want to start focusing on my novel-writing pursuits. I’m not going away, just shifting focus from blogging. I’ll still be on Twitter, providing my usual optimism and musings on life. And, don’t worry, the site is staying up — I may even post book snippets here occasionally! More on that in our final farewell post.

Right now, let’s focus on making May and June as amazing as possible, starting with today, Star Wars Day. We’ve been graced with Alyssa of Nerd Side of Life, who should 100% be part of your blogging bookmarks! After checking out her site, be sure to enjoy her contributions to Tracking Shells and The Games That Define Us

Alyssa, take it away!


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away….

These are words that everybody knows. Even if you don’t know where they’re from, you know the words. And I bet that if you’re a super nerd like me, you now have the theme music playing in your ears.

Or is that just me? Come on, at least one other nerd out there has to have heard the music play in their head. 

Anyways, it is no secret that your girl (me, Alyssa, hello) loves Star Wars. I have the Resistance logo tattooed on my back, own various different shirts, have a customized Kylo Ren phone case from Disneyland, have met Chewie, Kylo Ren, and BB-8 at Disney, AND plan on building a custom lightsaber (at some point). In short: I love Star Wars more than my own life. It’s helped me make friends, inspired me, and shaped me as a person.

However, this isn’t about Star Wars. This collab isn’t called The Franchises that Define Us although, how cool would that be? This collab is about characters. And my character is in the franchise. Funnily enough, months ago before we found out who everyone got, we all tried to take a crack at who everyone picked. Almost everyone thought I picked Kylo Ren – which made me laugh because of how close everyone was. And then when they found out, they were not all that surprised.

You all already know who I picked. It was announced. I’m just trying to build suspense for my first words about her.

Princess Leia Organa absolutely, 100%, does not give a damn about what anybody thinks. And neither did her actress, my lord and savior Carrie Fisher, but this is about Leia and how much I love her. She is my second lord and savior. Leia is first. 


It’s her “don’t give a damn” attitude that draws me to her. I’m a sucker for female leads who don’t take bullshit from those around them. And from the moment we meet Leia, she’s telling off a high-ranking official on the Death Star before they blow up her home planet – which had everyone she ever knew on it, by the way. Then she goes on to save the men from imminent death and takes charge of the situation. And then she organizes a whole attack on the Death Star. Leia Organa is incredible – and that’s just the beginning. 

She has had a lot of tragedy and bad things happen to her in her life and yet she still came out on top. Think about it – while other people in the Star Wars universe have suffered and just made things incredibly worse (I’m looking at you every single Skywalker man – including Kylo Ren) Leia Organa takes it in stride and still manages to not have a break down and keeps on going, coming out just as strong and if not stronger. I mean, you have to be one tough bitch to watch your planet blow up and somehow still manage to escape and blow up the base in which you got captured on. And tell off Darth Vader.

The thing is with Leia, I can’t really name one thing that made me like her because I was drawn to her. I saw a lot of what I should aspire to be in Leia. 

As I’ve stated in previous collabs, I grew up around a lot of guys. Two brothers, all guy cousins, etc. So me getting into Star Wars was really no surprise and since I was always around guys, I think it is no shock that I gravitated towards a strong female lead the first second I got. Not only was she a princess, but she ran an army. How cool is that to a young girl? To see that you could not only be a princess but also be a bad-ass leader is inspiring to me. It was amazing to me – Leia was telling the men what to do. 

And she kept telling them what to do – and she got better at it. Eventually she got herself promoted to General Leia Organa which is even more inspiring. But even that comes with a sad tale for Leia as the person she has to fight now is her own damn son. I mean, that’s got to take a toll on someone and yet she stands strong leading the Resistance in a war against her own flesh and blood – a war that at this point she doesn’t even know she’ll win. 

(Or she might have won – at the time of writing this article The Rise of Skywalker is not out and she is still very much alive in canon.)

Let’s talk about the fact that she’s fighting her son for a brief moment – shall we? She blames herself for what happened to him, i.e turning to the Dark Side. But is that stopping her from doing anything? No, she’s still fighting and even believes, despite everything that he’s done, that he can come back to the light. This relates back to my earlier comment about how bad things happen to her and she keeps going rather than making things worse and running away. (I’m looking at you, Luke. Thanks for nothing, bud.)

To me, Leia should be a role model to many young girls and even older females. In truth she can be a role model to everyone but I want to emphasize the female aspect of my reasoning. Not to get overly feminist here, but all our lives girls are told that men will get more than us in terms of pay and respect. That we should settle for whatever is given to us because it’s the best that we’ll ever get and to not try harder for things. 

We need characters like Leia to look up to because she shows you that you can be more. For crying out loud she goes from being just a Princess of a blown up planet to General of the Resistance. First she’s in a war fighting against her father and now she’s fighting against her son. You can be more than what people say you are and you should fight for more.

Leia Organa did. Even though there’s impending doom and she may be gone soon I will forever hold her in my heart and love her. 

Maybe her buns should be my next tattoo?


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