Exceptionally Ordinary | Alternate Shauna’s Course | Exclusive Super Mario Maker 2 Stage

Did somebody order a traditional SMB3 course with everything on it?
Exceptionally Ordinary

Play it for yourself!

Style: Super Mario Bros. 3
Theme: Ground/Underground
Difficulty: Normal

A Little Background!

This stage is inspired by Shauna from HideNGoShauna’s recent The Characters That Define Us piece on Alternate Shauna!

In my case, Alternate Matthew entered to make the most traditional Mario Maker stage ever. As you probably know, I adore making long, expansive, themed stages. However, this piece is ripped straight from some secret treasure trove of lost levels of Super Mario Bros. 3!

And might I say, it’s such a beautiful result that I think I’m going to head in this direction far more often.

Key Features!

I intentionally limited my canvas to only the basics. Goombas, Koopas, pipes, slopes, etc. I didn’t want any fancy distractions. As a person who likes to make creative, detailed, concept levels, this was a change of pace for me. But I loved it!

I tried to put everything in perfect balance, spacing out the challenges to prevent conflict from any other portions of the map. There’s an elegance here that Nintendo recognized since the very first game.

Where the Heck is the TCTDU Room?

The TCTDU room is a hidden Easter Egg I’m hiding in all 52 The Characters That Define Us courses. It’s a nod to the HAL Rooms found in numerous Kirby games.

I mean, it’s exactly where it should be in a course like this.

HINT: Think traditional!

Fun. So, Tell Us Who’s Next?

We will, very soon. But technically this piece comes next:


It’s my Kirby Super Star piece for The Well Red Mage’s Super Mario Multiverse collab! Check it out.

The Characters That Define Us is a year-long collaboration of bloggers from around the world, and with each comes a custom-made Super Mario Maker 2 Course inspired by their pieces!



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