Historic Tarrey Town Ruins | Barbarian Link’s Course | Exclusive Super Mario Maker 2 Stage

Field trip everyone! Oh… we’re not in BotW Hyrule anymore, are we?
Historic Tarrey Town Ruins

Play it for yourself!

Style: New Super Mario Bros.
Theme: Ground Night
Difficulty: Easy

A Little Background!

This stage is inspired by KT from Wintendo 64’s‘s recent The Characters That Define Us piece on Barbarian “Barbie” Link!

I have no doubt you’ve asked yourself this question a million times: What would happen if Tarrey Town from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild existed in New Super Mario Bros.?

And then, naturally, you would ask yourself: What if Tarrey Town was in a centuries-old dilapidated state of ruins?

Finally, of course, you would ask yourself: What if these ruins of Tarrey Town were registered by the Mushroom Kingdom Historical Society as a Recognized Historical Place?

And this, friends, is the type of fever-induced idea you can only come up with when you’re battling the flu. Oh, and, the spiny shell will substitute for Barbarian armor set so lovingly replicated by KT.

Key Features!

It’s a short course with no sub-world. The initial leap of faith jump represents paragliding to the island from the surrounding cliff.

Once you arrive, the structures on the island are on their last leg. You can still make out the modular appearance of the homes — a few even have a door intact.

Ghosts haunt the island, possibly remnants of the residents who so happily called Tarrey town home. You can use the spiny helmet to, well, take care of the threat if you choose to view them as such.

The ramp at the end is similar to the singular land bridge enabling access to the island.

Where the Heck is the TCTDU Room?

The TCTDU room is a hidden Easter Egg I’m hiding in all 52 The Characters That Define Us courses. It’s a nod to the HAL Rooms found in numerous Kirby games.

Despite the simplicity of the course, this is likely the most challenging TCTDU room to access yet! You should definitely be paying attention.

HINT: It’s what’s on the inside that counts. 

Fun. So, Tell Us Who’s Next?

Feb 24

Next up is Shauna from HideNGo Shauna! It’s a super clever take on the collab.

The Characters That Define Us is a year-long collaboration of bloggers from around the world, and with each comes a custom-made Super Mario Maker 2 Course inspired by their pieces!



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