The Optimism of a Favorite Hill | Player One’s Course | Exclusive Super Mario Maker 2 Stage

Relax. There’s no need to stress. Our newest Super Mario Maker 2 course is here!
The Optimism of a Favorite Hill

Play it for yourself!
ID: WCB-P02-18G

Style: Super Mario Bros
Theme: Ground Day/Night
Difficulty: Easy

A Little Background!

This stage is inspired by Mr Backlog‘s recent The Characters That Define Us piece on himself, which we are calling “Player One.”

I could really go anywhere in the crafting of this level, so I chose to hold a mirror up to myself. I looked back at some of my favorite places to just exist, and could not shake the numerous hills and meadows I was able to wander and simply contemplate life. When I was much younger, I would be content to simply lie in the grass and read. As the day turned to night, the temptation was real to just fall asleep in the grass. Perhaps, however, that would have been a dangerous proposition. Wolves are abundant across the U.S. But it didn’t feel dangerous at the time.

This course was borne out of the numerous hills I would explore. I imagined what would happen if they all existed in the same place, thus producing this relaxing stage.

Key Features!

It’s a short level for sure. But it is my hope that some Mario Maker will take a moment to simply bask in the relaxation. Life is too fast-paced to avoid taking the time to slow down. That’s why there is 500 seconds on the clock — this stage requires no sense of urgency.

One of my favorite components is the unusual underground ghost gradient beneath the surface of the hill. Perhaps there is something deeper giving this place its mystical energy?

There are no threats, save for a few moles that pop up out of the ground. Those are hardly a challenge, but you feel bad for dispatching them, as perhaps they simply don’t know any better but to confront you. Maybe you could be a pacifist by seeking shelter atop one of the shady mushrooms?

Side-note: shady mushrooms were not included in my childhood nature voyages, unfortunately.

Where the Heck is the TCTDU Room?

The TCTDU room is a hidden Easter Egg I’m hiding in all 52 The Characters That Define Us courses. It’s a nod to the HAL Rooms found in numerous Kirby games.

This one is easy to locate, and it’s practically unmissable once you locate the ghosts. I can’t really give you more information without it being a dead giveaway.

What is hidden just beneath the surface?

Fun. So, Tell Us Who’s Next?

Feb 17

Next up is Wintendo 64, who will be writing about her famed Barbarian “Barbie” Link!

The Characters That Define Us is a year-long collaboration of bloggers from around the world, and with each comes a custom-made Super Mario Maker 2 Course inspired by their pieces!


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