Faraway Nearness | Lightning’s Course | Exclusive Super Mario Maker 2 Stage

And now for something completely strange, it’s our newest Super Mario Maker 2 course!
Faraway Nearness

Play it for yourself!
ID: 332-N0K-5PG

Style: Super Mario World
Theme: Ghost House / Desert
Difficulty: Expert 

A Little Background!

This stage is inspired, somehow and someway by Livid Lightning‘s recent piece for The Characters That Define Us! Her entry was on, appropriately, Claire “Lightning” Farron from the Final Fantasy games.

I have no idea why or how, to be honest. This course lacks any quantity of Claires, Farrons, or, in particular, lightning.

I guess it ties in on a mental level more than anything else. This course is open to extreme interpretation, which normally happens when I use Mario Maker as a coping mechanism for stress. This week has been more stressful than average, and creating using Mario Maker has always been a healthy outlet. One good thing to come out of the stress: this course. Places We Missed Due to Time was also a course borne out of stress.

Most of you are writers, so you’ll understand this. Sometimes a person just creates a piece of art and doesn’t understand what it means. Sure, I drew from concepts, beliefs, and ideas in my brain. But like a dream, I don’t fully understand what I’ve created. Either way, it’s a good course and I think you’ll enjoy.

Key Features!

This course has a very intentional lack of direction, but hopefully this time it’s tempered by not being too frustrating. There is one red coin, one regular coin, and one arrow in the entire course, so don’t expect any of the traditional hallmarks of course design to lead you to the correct path. This is a course about being thrown into the deep end and having to find your way to the surface.

The difficulty is hard to define. Chances are it will find its way into the expert category eventually. There are no deadly bosses, so beyond your first playthrough you’re looking at normal difficulty with a few platforming challenges thrown in. Watching the video will show you exactly what to, but it will take away the initial challenge of braving the bizarre.

Where the Heck is the TCTDU Room?

The TCTDU room is a hidden Easter Egg I’m hiding in all 52 The Characters That Define Us courses. It’s a nod to the HAL Rooms found in numerous Kirby games.

I have hidden the TCTDU room in a place you will never find. But should you manage to locate it, it’s the key to avoiding the bad ending. Yes, this course has two endings.

When they go low, we go high. 

Fun. So, Tell Us Who’s Next?

Feb 10

Next up is Mr Backlog!
He’ll be writing about Mr Backlog.
Wait is that a typo? Let me check. Nope.

He’ll be writing about himself, sort of. It’s hard to explain. You’ll just have to come back on Monday.

The Characters That Define Us is a year-long collaboration of bloggers from around the world, and with each comes a custom-made Super Mario Maker 2 Course inspired by their pieces!


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