Decision: Daily Inklings are Highly Creative Spam Posts

Last year we wrote 365 Daily Inklings with the intention of posting one per day for a whole year. It seemed like a good idea. Not so fast.

At the end of January, we decided to stop posting them in their current format. If we were to guess, though you might not immediately admit it, this came much to the relief of Normal Happenings readers.

In the process of posting these every day for the past month, we began to build up a bit of self-annoyance. Scrolling through the reader, we were discovering that Daily Inklings were just in the way. Of reading others’ posts. Of finding good times to post our own stuff. Of discovering new bloggers. Everything.

Daily Inklings remind us of spam.

Instead of a daily blog post, we’re going to start sending semi-regular tweets to spark your blogging inspiration. In a way, Daily Inklings aren’t gone, they’ll just be taking a more appropriate form. We still think Daily Inklings are a good thing, however they require being harnessed correctly. We’ll be doing a slight redesign to Normal Happenings to reflect the change in format.

We wish to preserve blog posts as feature events, each worthy of being clicked on and enjoyed as full-length experiences. Twitter is for small snippets, and while you can debate if an Inkling counts as such, we’ve spent the last month shifting towards the notion that it does.

Sure, each prompt was artfully crafted, which is nice, but the fact remains it was the same thing over and over again seven days a week. It was never our intention to fill space in your reader feed, but intention and reality are not quite the same thing. Good intention requires routine small actions to manifest as reality.

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  1. Aw. I get your reasoning, but it was always nice to see one of these each day — it always got me thinking, even if I didn’t end up using it as a writing prompt 🙂 Totally understand your desire to rethink, though.


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