Peter Parker: The Character That Defines The Reel Anna


When it comes to video game music, few tracks make a player feel as heroic as C-R-O-W-N-E-D from Kirby’s Return to Dreamland! Not only does its title represent a nice acrostic Easter Egg from that game, but the track is a masterpiece in getting the adventurer amped up to take on some bad guys. So when presented with this wonderful collab piece, this musical pairing was a no-brainer.

We’re pairing 8-bit music thematically, rather than based entirely on series. You can find this track and more Tater-Tot Tunes on YouTube! Part of your great responsibility is going to subscribe to this great artist.


Normal Happenings is proud to present The Characters That Define Us, a year long collaboration of 52+ incredible bloggers! We hope you’re ready to enjoy Anna Reel at The Reel Anna‘s inspiring piece on Peter Parker from the Spider-Man PS2 games!

Anna is an optimistic blogger, and a genuine joy to read! She spends a great many of her posts focusing on improving mental health. She’s not afraid to get into the tough situations one faces when looking into their life, and we really appreciate that. Anna, thank you so much for contributing to this collab, and we appreciate what you do for this blogging community! Without further delay, here is Anna’s piece on Peter Parker!


It was so strange coming back years later to replay Spider-Man 2 for PS2. The graphics were way worse than I remember, as it usually seems after you’ve played on newer consoles, but I pleasantly found the game to be just as fun as I remembered. From the humorous and snarky tutorial narrator to the amazing feel of the controls as you webswing through New York or fight bad guys with fun combination moves, especially as you upgrade your speed and attack combos.

It wasn’t just a fun game I first played years ago; I found myself relating to the dorky photographer, Peter Parker, and even learning from him as he learned to master his gifts, how to use them responsibly, balance herowork, jobs, and relationships, handle the fact that not everyone liked or supported him, and persevere even when it got hard.

With Great Power…

Growing up, my parents taught me that we have a responsibility to use the gifts and talents we’ve been given to the best of our ability. They encouraged me to pursue my interests and better my skills. Peter Parker had to figure it out on his own because of the need for keeping his identity a secret, but I thankfully had my parents and two older siblings as fantastic role models and teachers.

In the Spider-Man 2 game for PS2, there is the following quote at the beginning of the game, “I made a promise to use these powers to help other people…With great power, comes great responsibility.”


I may not have been bitten by a radioactive spider and gained superpowers, but I related to Peter’s sense of responsibility for helping people since he had the power to. My “superpowers” are gifts of encouragement, empathy, understanding, and discernment. People around me (even strangers!) tend to feel safe and open up with me, sharing hard stories or struggles that they’re dealing with. I see it as a great honor to have their trust, and I would never want to abuse or waste that opportunity. I know I have the power to show love, to listen when many others don’t, to give advice from my studies and the lessons I’ve learned through experience. Since these are my particular areas of strength, it is my responsibility to USE them to the best of my ability.

We each have a unique set of strengths and life experiences that are not intended to just sit there but rather we have a responsibility to USE them. 

Balancing It All

Peter Parker is constantly late to class or meeting his friends because he stopped to help people along the way. In the beginning he has trouble balancing herowork, schoolwork, jobs, and relationships. Though I wasn’t saving lives, I’ve often struggled to find that perfect balance: schoolwork (now work, post-college), fitness, friendships, helping people, and all of my numerous hobbies. It often feels like there’s more to do than in a day than there is time for!

It’s easy to beat myself up when I’ve missed a deadline even though it was because I needed to use all my energy and time for someone who really needed my help. Or to feel guilty for working on my blog and goals that are important to me instead of going to a social event with friends or family. Or to stay up too late and, therefore, miss my morning workout because I felt a prompting in my heart to check on someone I knew was struggling.

It’s hard to balance all of the responsibilities of life, especially when there are unexpected surprises to throw us off. But the truth is: we don’t have to be perfect at it. And, more importantly, we shouldn’t feel guilty when we miss some goals or expectations because we stopped to help someone. Be confident in your discernment to make decisions based off of what’s most important to you.

You Can’t Save Everyone

In the Spider-Man games you get to pick and choose who you help. In a crime-ridden city like New York, there’s constantly someone needing saved. And, unfortunately, you aren’t always able to help. That child’s balloon floats away before you can grab it for her. You get knocked out by the bad guys and aren’t able to save the cops. You try to save a citizen from a sinking boat…and…accidentally…drop him in the water…


You can’t save everyone.

The same is true in real life. Having access to the news and the internet is often a great benefit, but it can be overwhelming when we see how many people are hurting and in need of help all across the world. The overwhelm of not being able to help everyone can often paralyze us to not do anything. Even just the needs of our own smaller community can feel overwhelming sometimes. How could we possibly give food to every homeless person, adopt every orphan, be there for every person who needs a friend, and help every person who needs help? It’s impossible for just one person!

One of the hardest things for me to accept is that I can’t help everyone. I am only one person. BUT, if each one person does their part, we can change the world. 

I also may not always be able to help the people I try to help. And that’s ok too. What’s important is that we CARE and that we TRY to do our part. 

Not Everyone Will Like You

I find the random things citizens yell at you as you’re swinging by to be quite hilarious. Things like “get a job!” or, my favorite, “what a cheeseball!” They’ll yell it even after you’ve just saved someone’s life!

Unfortunately, not everyone will like you, even when you’re just trying to do your best to help other people. Everyone will have a different opinion about you, and they’re entitled to those opinions just as you can have your own opinions. But we must not let the negative opinions keep us from doing what we know is right nor from what we feel called to do.

Never Give Up

No matter how many times I accidentally jumped Spider-Man into the water, he still crawled back out and we tried again. We may not always be able to “Retry Mission” in real life, but we CAN always keep going as long as there is breath in our lungs. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much success you have or how many people you save, what matters most is who you decide to be and whether you’ve kept trying to use your time and gifts to the best of your ability. Because with great power, comes great responsibility.

So use your time, talents, resources, and opportunities responsibility, my friend. And pick yourself back up to try again whenever you stumble along the way.


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