LAN Party | Master Chief’s Course | Exclusive Super Mario Maker 2 Stage

Here’s a weird idea: let’s replicate an old classroom in Mario Maker.
LAN Party

Play it for yourself!

A Little Background!

This stage is inspired by Dave @ Hear Dave Write’s‘s recent piece for The Characters That Define Us on Master Chief from Halo! Consequently, there isn’t even a hint of Master Chief or Halo in the ENTIRE stage.

Instead, we took inspiration from the portion of his work where he reminisced on the time of playing LAN games with his friends before Internet was lightning fast.

While last week’s course was lengthy and intricate, this one is a short and sweet burst of joy. Not all Mario Maker course must be epic marathons.

Key Features!

The premise? First you explore the technology classroom of the Lightning County Technical Center, District 3, of the Mushroom Kingdom.

What? I like for everything to have realistic geographical and civic planning.

Then you go beyond the physical realm and explore beyond the physical realm as you witness the actually surprisingly simple game being played.  Poor LCTCD3 students, they have no idea Toadette has come to ruin their fun.

Where the Heck is the TCTDU Room?

It’s, um, not a room. Change one letter of the word “room” and you’ll have your answer. It’s easy to find as long as you’re not Sonic the Hedgehog.

Don’t forget to look up. 

Commentary Track!

You asked for it! Please enjoy my Mario Maker ramblings.


Fun. So, Tell Us Who’s Next?

Jan 27

Next up is Anna from The Reel Anna!
On Monday we’ll responsibly launch her piece on Peter Parker from the Spider-Man PS2 games! You must have spidey senses to realize the next character reveal was all the way down here.

The Characters That Define Us is a year-long collaboration of bloggers from around the world, and with each comes a custom-made Super Mario Maker 2 Course inspired by their pieces!



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