Yuna: The Character That Defines A Geeky Gal


Animal Crossing is way underrepresented in this collab, so we figured Megan wouldn’t mind us pairing a track from one of the most peaceful locations in video games. After all, she’s gone on record to say that Animal Crossing is one of her favorite video game series, despite writing about a Final Fantasy character.

We’re pairing 8-bit music thematically, rather than based entirely on series. You can find this track and more Tater-Tot Tunes on YouTube! Also, rumor has it the potato itself will be dropping by to read these pieces, so be on your best behavior.



Normal Happenings is proud to present The Characters That Define Us, a year long collaboration of 52+ incredible bloggers! We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, and it’s finally here.

First up, we can think of nobody better suited to start us off than Megan from A Geeky Gal! She is an up-and-coming blogger and video-maker, and has a growing YouTube following on her channel. Also, we have it on good authority that she just celebrated a birthday! Everyone tell her happy birthday in the comments, along with your thoughts on her excellent article. Without delay, it’s time to begin the first of a year’s worth of incredible Mondays. Megan, take it away!



I met Yuna when I first put Final Fantasy X-2 into my PlayStation, and the lyrics of ‘Real Emotion’ filled my tiny preteen bedroom. That song is still one of my favorite tunes from a video game ever. What a kick ass start to a game that I knew nothing about! I had no idea that I was skipping over Final Fantasy X (despite the title itself being an obvious indicator). I also didn’t know I would be missing several pieces of the puzzle that is Yuna’s character. I just saw the incredible dress-spheres, the different battle styles, and a team of three powerful women with varying personalities.. I didn’t get the chance to put Yuna’s puzzle together until much later in my life. It wasn’t until I finally picked up Final Fantasy X that I found a character that would define me.

Starting At The End

In Final Fantasy X, Yuna starts off her journey as a new summoner, taking her pilgrimage to defeat Sin, a terrible monster that terrorizes Spira. Her guardians are made up of her friends who have vowed to protect her and see her through her journey. In Final Fantasy X-2, Yuna has donned a disguise due to her celebrity status to go off with her cousin Rikku to find more spheres after Rikku shows her one that motivates her to journey once again.

I entered Yuna’s world after she had already become her own person and had overcome some negative personality traits. She had already taken her journey into growing into a better person through her pilgrimage to defeat Sin. Despite that, I enjoyed Final Fantasy X-2 immensely. The opening is one of the funnest I’ve ever experienced. I loved the combat and dress-sphere aspect. I clicked with Yuna, Rikku, and Paine, but really loved Yuna the most. For some reason, I immediately gravitated towards her.

Yuna’s character in Final Fantasy X-2 is a happy go-getter that is quick to jump into danger but really tries to creatively solve problems without violence. Her personality is sweet but outspoken and direct. She doesn’t take kindly to being used. She’s amazing on the battlefield in just about any of her dress-spheres. I love how strong she is!

Looking back at Final Fantasy X-2 after playing Final Fantasy X, I see the parts of her that will always be there and continue to be, like her honesty, her drive, and her passion for helping others. And now I can appreciate the parts of her that are new, like her need to think for herself and taking into account what she wants, too, not just what others want.



The Summoner’s Pilgrimage

Yuna and I shared very similar journeys to get to where we currently are. I have no doubt that I will continue to grow and change as I get older, have children, and create more life experiences for myself. Yuna is the first character in a video game that I ever identified with. Her pilgrimage and the experiences after shaped her, like my life has for me. I can’t help but compare myself to the two different Yuna’s players experience to the different times in my life.

FFX Yuna is honest and kind. She’s polite to an embarrassing degree. She’s a passionate humanitarian. She strives to see the best in people which can be naive on her part. She puts the needs of everyone else above her own. She hides her emotions, but encourages her friends to be true to themselves. She would willingly give up her own happiness in pursuit of her duties.

FFX-2 Yuna is still honest, kind, and polite as ever. She’s still a passionate humanitarian who wants to see the best in people, but has the experience and knowledge to know when she’s being used. She thinks about herself and her needs now, but is still willing to creatively solve problems and jump into danger for others with violence being a last resort. She’s grown into someone who is outspoken, stern, and even intimidating at times when it’s needed.

15-to-20-year-old Megan is sweet and friendly. She befriends the weirdos and the underdogs. She’s quiet, but quick to raise her hand in a classroom. She bends to those around her and puts their wants before her needs. She is so desperate for love and recognition that she puts herself in toxic situations. She feels worthless and like she deserves to be treated as less than a person.

27-year-old Megan is still sweet and friendly. She still tries to befriend those that society has deemed weird or different. She’s outspoken now and is still quick to answer questions and lend a hand where she can. She now assesses her own needs and wants, and she avoids being used by others. She has cut off toxic relationships and people in her life that took more than they gave. Her self esteem has improved significantly over the years, but she still has days she has to remind herself that she is worthy.


Real Emotion

Seven years ago, I was a different person. Like Yuna, I had people in my life that gave me positive and negative life experiences that shaped me into who I am now. It’s not often that you get to see someone’s journey like mine or Yuna’s in real time. Playing Yuna’s story out of order only made me appreciate how far she had come as a character while playing FFX. I’ll admit that it was frustrating to see her “regress” since I knew what lay beneath the surface of an already powerful character who was only just discovering how badass she really is.

Yuna and I shared some pretty big character flaws at the beginning of our journeys. We had a hard time expressing our feelings and emotions. We put others’ needs, wants and feelings before our own. We were naive and believed that everyone can be good. We followed a path that wasn’t right for us. We let ourselves be used.

But we grew. We learned and overcame our circumstances. We managed to keep being true to ourselves while becoming stronger and putting ourselves first for the first time ever. Our journeys have been hard, even heart-breaking sometimes. We still kept going, reaching for the next step.

Yuna made it. I made it. Players were able to watch Yuna transition into the badass we all knew she always could be. I’m still working hard at my own journey. I’ll keep pushing and fighting until I come out of the other side like the badass I always knew I could be.


Want to learn more about the lore and etymology of Yuna?
See the latest Magipedia entry on Yuna from The Well-Red Mage!




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  1. First like! 😛

    More importantly, this is GORGEOUS. Congratulations to everyone for putting this together and a huge round of applause to Matt for launching such a majestic event. I look forward to getting connected with everyone again through this collab.

    Yuna is a character that means a lot to my wife and I. She’s such a great character.

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  2. A great start to the collab, I’m so excited! I’m not very familiar with FF or Yuna (which my autocorrect changed to ‘Tuna’), but this is a really nice piece.

    Great article Megan – Yuna clearly means a lot to you. Happy belated birthday!

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  3. A great start to the collab, and a wonderful story. Yuna is such a great character, and X-2 is a vastly underappreciated installment in the FF series, so I’m glad to see it get some love. Thank you Megan, and thank you Matt for putting this all together!

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  4. Having just finished Final Fantasy X and starting up X-2 recently, and Yuna’s journey was the main piece of the games I had felt I had missed out on by not having played through them earlier- and the parallels you drew between your journey and hers proves that even further. This is great, Megan!

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