Normal Happenings: Redesigned and Energized for 2020

If you’re looking at this page on WordPress reader (which I adore; no judgement), go ahead and view it on the site. Just this once. I’ll meet you there.

Hello there! Welcome to the NEW Normal Happenings site, which has been redesigned for your enjoyment. We are thrilled to have spent the last few months developing the infrastructure needed to pull off our 2020 collab goals.

My, things do look different around here! We’re going all in on color; Normal Happenings should simply pop with the stuff. Yes, black and white is elegant and distraction-free, but we were feeling it was becoming a bit un-fun.

Plus, we’ve received numerous complaints that our content was not easy on the eyeballs with black text on a white background. Now night mode is baked into our design and theme!

We’ve also put a special focus on ensuring all of our previous content is backwards compatible. Anything from our previous adventures can be enjoyed on this theme with white backgrounds intact.

Do some exploring, and if you see anything out of place, send us a bug report DM on Twitter and we’ll take care of it!

Like a certain streaming service, there’s not much new content right now. However, that will change shortly as 2020 rings in. In the meantime, we recommend re-experiencing The Games That Define Us in the new theme. Also enjoy our new Daily Inkling and Super Mario Maker 2 course!

It’s good to be back.


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