Angie from Backlog Crusader Drew Us Some Incredible Art

In exchange for pushing our Super Mario Maker 2 course to Monday, I wanted to spend a moment showing you the coolest thing ever!

Last month I became of Patron of Angie from Backlog Crusader! She’s an amazing blogger who frequently writes compelling posts about games and other geek-related topics. She’s also participating in The Characters That Define Us!

Suddenly she’s asking me on Discord what my “favorite animal or mythological creature is.” It’s a no-brainier — a jellyfish! I love jellyfish for a hundred reasons, but that’s another post!

I check the mail a week later, and find a thank-you note from Angie. Inside is a beautiful Jellyfish!


At about the same time, this section appears on her “Patreon Wall of Fame!”


Thank you Angie for the amazing art. I keep finding new details. It’s hanging on our freezer door, reminding us that there are far more appetizing ocean-creatures than a jellyfish to eat for dinner!

We should also mention that Angie is a Snail Mail Inkling Patron of Normal Happenings. So, if you’re looking for two bloggers to support on Patreon, we could think of worse options.

Be sure to visit the Backlog Crusader Patreon, and of course the latest on her blog!

That’s a wrap! | Completed 7/29/19 11:37 P.M.

Did you know we’re part of the best community of bloggers in the world? Now that the Normal Happenings Starry-Eyed Discord is up, we’re having incredible conversations every day! You can join us right now by becoming a Patron of Normal Happenings! Also, $5+ Patrons unlock Snail Mail Inklings and get featured in very special blog posts!


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