1. I’m in! I’ll do some thinking about which character I’d like to submit for the draft; I have a few different ones in mind but I imagine at least one of them might be of interest to someone else too. I’m interested to see how that part pans out!

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  2. Yes! Yeeeeeeeesssssss! Count me in! I obviously still need to pick a character – as Ian says above I also have a few who I could pick, all for different reasons so I’ll let you know asap 🙂

    Thanks for this Matt – it is going to be incredible!

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  3. Hi,
    You probably know me best as The Valiant Vision Mage from thewellredmage.com. Regardless of how you know me though, I’m glad something so awesome was brought to my attention!
    I have a few characters in mind, and would be happy to tag along with one.

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