STARSTORM: Be a Good Reader on WordPress

I want to discuss what I consider to be the ideal strategy for being a good reader on WordPress. It all focuses on stars, which I consider to be the unsung hero of being a wonderful blogosphere citizen.

We have a cool feature on our Normal Happenings Starry-Eyed Discord. It’s called STARSTORM, and we’re really loving it. Basically, everyone gets to share their new posts, and then we go and make sure to star them on WordPress. I use a very similar process regarding my own WordPress reader.

Simply starring a piece does some great things:

  • It boosts the post in the WordPress algorithm, making the blogger more likely to show up on other users’ recommendations.
  • It makes it more likely for followers to view the piece as important, increasing interaction.
  • It provides a shot of encouragement for the blogger, making it more likely that they’ll create future art!
  • People are more likely to discover you through the process of liking!

I have five guidelines pertaining to my WordPress Reader routine:

Only follow bloggers you enjoy. When I first started blogging, I followed as many people as possible to try to get those precious follow-backs. Because of the amount of posts those often popular bloggers composed, I found it impossible to interact with the flood of new posts coming in ever minute. Minimalizing my feed helped me focus on the important stuff and improve my reputation in the community.

Set aside a time each day to like posts. I love getting notifications from those regular readers, especially if they’re at the same time each day! It doesn’t take too long in reader to track your stars back to the previous 24-hour period. Liking posts in reader each day is the simplest way for me to be a good reader.

You don’t have to read posts to like them. Even with a minimal feed, I’m still likely to be confronted by tens-of-thousands of words. It’s okay, though, because it’s the thought that counts. Starring still gives the blogger that all important stat-boost and feeling of encouragement.

Like posts even if you disagree with them. I often find myself reading a post I disagree with, but it doesn’t matter. The advancement of art, especially blogging, is more important. Unless they’re being a total jerk, I go ahead and give them a star. And if they are being mean, I often consider unfollowing them.

Remember, liking is good outreach for your own blog. The bloggers I follow are more likely to recommend Normal Happenings, and more people discover me through comment interactions!

Those stars are not useless, and the sum of them across the community foster the good readership WordPress is known for. Good luck out there in the STARSTORM!

Did you know we’re part of the best community of bloggers in the world? Now that the Normal Happenings Starry-Eyed Discord is up, we’re having incredible conversations every day! You can join us right now by becoming a Patron of Normal Happenings!



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