Hey, Where’s That Novel Project You Were Working On?

Does anyone remember Dysontopia, my serialized fiction novel project? For a while, I was posting about a thousand words of it every week. It has been a while since I’ve even brought up the topic, so I would imagine one or two of you are wondering if it ran away, took an extended vacation in the Caribbean, or perhaps got sucked into a giant planet-eating black hole. Well, Dysontopia looks nothing like the fragments scattered about Normal Happenings anymore.

When last we checked in, it was undergoing a reformat with the intention of me releasing it chapter by chapter instead of in small portions. But here’s the thing – Dysontopia has blossomed into something really quite special. I don’t want to speak too soon, but reworking this novel has completely shifted its core concept into something that I actually consider particularly unique, mature, and sophisticated as far as novels are concerned. It’s more than just that girl named Sydney, though she still remains the focal point of the work. Don’t worry, I love that character too much for her not to be the main protagonist.

Rather the narrative of the novel now fits what I envision as good literature from a holistic perspective. It has plots, themes, and a solid narrative structure that I, frankly, don’t want to piecemeal into existence. So much has changed that even the name Dysontopia doesn’t even properly fit in the manner I’d like. I don’t have a title I’m comfortable with yet, so I’m going to refer to it as Project: Dysontopia for now.

In short, if I have the opportunity to actually publish a great novel, I don’t want to devalue the work by posting it in blog format. But here is my promise – I will keep you updated periodically on my progress. I’ll give you as much detail as I can as I continue the writing process, I’ll try to do a much better job of publishing my insights in individual blog posts as I go along. While you may not be able to read Project: Dysontopia anymore, you can at least get into the frame of mind of the author embarking on such an expedition. Life is about navigating the chaotic universe of big thoughts – wish me luck as I attempt to stay on course!

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  1. The great American novel is something I think most writers, even the sporadic thought/blog writer, not even frequent enough to be called a writer, think about at one point or another.

    Sci-Fi is my love and I would love to set up my own Star Wars character arc. Same with the Dead Space video game world. Such a great premise with so many opportunities. Maybe one day.

    I look forward to your updates.

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