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Based on: Distant Voices | Daily Inkling.
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Have you ever heard voices in the sound of the wind, rustling of leaves, or repetitive churning of a fan? If so, what did you imagine they might be saying?

As much as I love the abstract questions that seem to spontaneously generate from the depths of my mind and rise to the surface about once every 24 hours, I must admit they’re not all born out of personal experience. Generally they are a hybrid of me paying close attention to life and listening to the stories of others.

It’s so romantic and ethereal to imagine “Distant Voices” in the wind or the leaves, but to be honest — and this is a little embarrassing for me — my experience with this phenomenon comes from me opening and closing a squeaky door. Yep, the squeaky door literally calls out my name.

It’s been this way since the beginning of time I can remember. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a series of old houses — one was built in the 1920’s, and the other one was once the home of a lovely dinosaur family in the Cretaceous period. I’m no stranger to squeaky doors the likes of which no amount of WD-40 could possibly provide salvation.

The noticeable “squeeeeeeeeeeeek” of a slowly closing door always activated the neurons in my brain associated with “maaaaaaaaaatt.” This caused me to search the house from the needed party, but when I inquired about what they needed, I was always regretfully told I was never summoned.

I thought things would change, as I’ve resided in a series of apartments built in this century for the past three years. However, it seems squeaky doors are still a thing — moreso actually, as the shiny modern metal hinges protest even more to being opened or closed. Just last night I was closing the bathroom door when I heard a maaaaaaaaaaat from Nikki on the other side. Nope. Nothing. Just a flummoxed wife and kitty entertaining themselves on the couch.

Perhaps walls can’t talk, but doors sure can. Maybe if I listen hard enough, they might just tell me where to find buried treasure.

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