Re: Inkling | Error Error Mistakes

You know, it’s probably time I started taking my own medicine. Re: Inklings are short responses to the Daily Inklings I set forth each day. I get envious of those who pour their heart and soul into their amazing answers, so I’ve decided to join the fray and start offering creative takes of my own.

Daily Inkling | Error Error Mistakes

Find a very minor and insignificant factual or topological error in one of your previous blog posts. Write a lengthy apology letter to a fictitious offended party apologizing for the mistake.

Dear Mysterious Editor,

You perch bravely above the blogosphere, seeking and destroying any and all typological errors, sentence structure awkwardness, and comma splices with just a few taps from your smartphone. As you are unable to enjoy the experience until any trace of a grammar or spelling error is removed, I am deeply honored to have you playing for my team.

Blog features and collaboration contributions don’t stand a chance against your propensity to message my inbox with an issue. You randomly state “found a typo,” and shortly followed is a sea of text in the form of a screenshot. Like a loving teacher, you refuse to provide a clue of further specificity, leaving it to me to wade the waters deep and extract the offending adverb.

Like a highly motivated electrician, I drop whatever I’m doing to repair the short. And I just want to say I love you. You really do make this place what it is, and I can rest easy at night knowing no typo monsters lurk under the bed.


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