“A New Norm, A New Website — an Interview with Normal Happenings”

If you want to know what has kept me busy over the past few weeks, this is the finished result. One of my favorite bloggers asked for my help completely redesigning his website, so of course I had to say yes! Through weeks of planning, we were ready to launch on his birthday!

Join us over on The Well Red Mage for an interview and a tour of the new site I was able to develop.

The Well-Red Mage


You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.
-Clive Staples Lewis

-The Announcement-

Happy Birthday, TWRM! It has been three years since thewellredmage.com published its first article, a slipshod, unfunny “angry” review of Final Fantasy XIII, written of course and unfortunately by yours truly.

Since then, I’ve tried to move away from that kind of writing; I don’t believe that focusing on the humor of the writer or their faux anger at something that didn’t truly hurt them does any justice to the subject of their review, the game.

Since then, TWRM has grown from a trio of friends into a community of writers and readers spanning the world! It’s our interest in the same things that draws us together, not ideology, politics, or fandoms even, and there’s plenty of room for disagreement: unity without unanimity. Who knew that…

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Matthew // Normal Happenings

Matthew Estes. STL-based Blogger. Graphic Designer. Happily Married. One day I'll actually complete a book I'm happy with. I love pizza, video games, and using way too many ellipses...

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