Nice Job Badges | 2.2


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Nice Job Badges

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Greetings everyone, we hope you’re enjoying the second Friday of the year! Of course, here in St. Louis, we’re on the eve of a major league snowstorm, so we hope it’s nice, sunny, and warm wherever you are. Anyway, let’s kick off the weekend with some Nice Job Badges!

My Personal Life in 2018: It Was The Worst Of Times | Matt Doyle Media

“Objectively speaking, 2018 was the worst year of my life. For all the positives that have cropped up during my creative endeavors, the bad far outweighs it all.”

This is a tough one to start out with. It’s regretful to hear about all of the challenges Matt Doyle and his family have gone through in 2018. Of course as expected it’s a wonderfully written post, but he also deserves a “nice job” for sticking with things, especially creative, when life is hard. Everyone should swing by and leave an encouraging remark. Here’s hoping your 2019 bodes much better for you, Matt!

Home Button’s 2018 Random Awards | Home Button

“Now that I’ve thrown out my Top Ten Games of 2018, I thought it would be fun to throw out other random awards that are relevant to 2018. All of these are just off the top of my head, and will have no overarching rhyme or reason in their choice.”

I admit, this post got a Nice Job Badge for one particular reason: I love the idea of random award categories. Think the Dundee awards in The Office (U.S.). While not completely arbitrary, Daniel also provides a lit of unique video games you should get your hand on if you finds yourself with time to play. Well, except for the “worst game he played in 2018,” which you might should consider skipping.

First Games | AmbiGaming

“Kirby was my first game that was really mine, if you don’t count the creepy Sesame Street game or M.C. Kids. At any rate, I am sure I used to drive my dad nuts when I would play Kirby because I loved the high-pitched trill Kirby made when trying to inhale an enemy.
…and may have imitated it once or twice.”

Long-time followers of Normal Happenings will pick up on why this post got selected quite quickly. Kirby’s Adventure is the first game I ever played, and to see it on this amazing blogger’s list was so satisfying. I, too, attempted to imitate Kirby’s high-pitched inhale squeal.

📣 squeeeeee ee ee eeeeee ee ee eeeeee…

Stay a minute longer | The Rendezvous Club

“Stay, stay a minute longer
I know you’ve got places to be
But my secrets can’t be held back any longer
And my hands don’t like staying cold either”

It takes a lot to get me to emotionally react to poetry, but Thought For Change always has a knack for making me do just that. If I had to sum up this poem in one word, it would be “yearning.” Instead of providing a review, however, who don’t you go check out this brilliant blogger’s piece for yourself. And be sure to follow while you’re there. They’ve always been kind and encouraging to Normal Happenings, and deserve all the recognition in the world.

Create Your Own Conspiracy Theory | McWritestuff

“Are you bored by the truth? Do people always correct your misconceptions with facts? Do you wish there was a way to make up a lie too outrageous to disprove? If that’s the case, then you have been selected by the twelve Alien races to create your very own conspiracy theory!”

Let’s end today’s awards with a brilliant little comedy piece by Twitter savant McWritestuff, who I believe is making his first appearance on the Nice Job Badges list. Apparently, you’re not supposed to but tinfoil when crafting a conspiracy theory, so now what am I supposed to do with the five packages at home? Learn some recipes, I guess. Anyway, so give this wonderfully comedic blogger a follow.

And thus concludes this week’s Nice Job Badges. I trust I’m doing a better job this year of keeping these posts nice and concise. You have no idea how hard it is for me to avoid composing a 2,000 word treatise on the inherent —

No Matt, you must not ramble.

Did I miss any amazing posts deserving of a Nice Job Badge? Let us know in the comments, and we’re happy to put them in the running for next week. And, of course, you can submit Nice Job Badge nominations any time you want on Twitter. You’ll get a shout-out for any posts that get selected for badges. As always, have a great week, and keep on doing a Nice Job at life!

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