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Nice Job Badges

Vol. 2, No. 1 | Next

Well hello there! I hope the first four days of your 2019 have been a smashing success! It turns out that we haven’t given out Nice Job Badges since September 21, 2018. Yikes, talk about a great thing getting lost within the holiday frenzy of posts. We’re going to try to do better this year, dedicating Fridays purely to badges. As such, we’ve also removed a lot of bloat from the format, focusing instead on these brilliant writers. No more using badge posts as an excuse for updates — just an intro, five Nice Job Badges, and a brief conclusion.

My 2018: year in review | Geeky Hippie

“Overall 2018 was an amazing year for me, one of big change, self development, more time spent with friends and what felt like gaining a new sense of freedom.”

This week something cool happened! A great blogger I had never met became part of the new Spring 2019 Tracking Shells collaboration! I wanted to show off Sally’s amazing writing skills over at Geeky Hippie. There is not a ton of recent writing, but the stuff that is there is gold. And that site design is absolutely gorgeous! Go follow Geeky Hippie — I predict great things coming from this blogger in the future.

2019 Resolutions | Nerd Side of Life

“I write a lot about how I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions. They’re bound to fail and I can never think of anything that I’ll actually succeed at – hence why I never make them. But this year, I’m going to make a good solid attempt.”

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I think that Alyssa from Nerd Side of Life might be one of the most underrated bloggers in the blogosphere right now.

✔️ Blog design: on point.
✔️ Content: cool and informative.
✔️ Writing voice: fun and quirky.

I guess what I’m saying is this Games That Define Us alum deserves more followers. Care to do something about it?

Oh also, this New Year’s resolution post is pretty cool, too.

Video games: stuck on repeat | Later Levels

“I thought I’d have a quick scan to see which titles had made the list [of best-selling games of 2018] and something struck me: almost every single entry was either a sequel or one featuring characters from an existing franchise.”

“Hey, where’s your weekly Nice Job Badge for Kim at Later Levels?” You may be asking yourself this question, but rest assured I never need too much of an excuse to award one of my blogging heroes. Let’s be honest, though, it was the graphs that won me over to this post. For some, flowers are the quickest way to the heart; for others, it’s food. For me, it’s graphs. This is a fantastic, well-researched read worthy of your time.

Also, and this is a big deal. You are requested and required to vote for Later Levels in the 2019 UK Blog Awards. It takes, like, two clicks. But do it!

Mom’s Beef and Broccoli | Sheikah Plate

“As I’ve mentioned before, my mom lived in Taiwan for a few years in her twenties. This means that, not only did she come home with some amazing experiences, but she came home with some amazing small-town, authentic Taiwanese/Chinese recipes. But this one is my favorite.”

You know those films that are so obviously designed from conception to win awards? I don’t know why, but “Mom’s Beef and Broccoli” by the amazingly talented Teri Mae feels like that… and it totally worked! Filled with delicious food and a heartwarming dedication to her mother, I couldn’t tell if the unusual feeling in my stomach was hunger or an emotional reaction to her wonderful story.

Also, we can’t wait to see how she somehow pairs fanciful dining with Mario Kart in Tracking Shells. She’ll probably combine banana peels and octopus ink, somehow.

TWRMradio2019 – “A Year of Music” | The Well-Red Mage

“It’s 2019 and we’re introducing an entire year of video game music! What better way to celebrate the games that bring us together and fill the next 365 days with wonder, joy, and curiosity than by filling it with music?”

Oh Well-Red… do you even know what you’re getting into? Do you understand the implications of taking-on a year-long project like this? I mean, fine, you probably do. I am a huge fan of long undertakings — coming from a person who publishes a new writing prompt every single day, I understand the planning and commitment it takes to pull off a daily feature without exception. It’s like grinding for XP, but in real life. But hey, at least in this grind, you don’t have to listen to the same repetative music track over and over again.

And that’s that! Did I miss any amazing posts deserving of a Nice Job Badge? Let us know in the comments, and we’re happy to put them in the running for next week. And, of course, you can submit Nice Job Badge nominations any time you want on Twitter. You’ll get a shout-out for any posts that get selected for badges. As always, have a great week, and keep on doing a Nice Job at life!

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  1. Thank you for including my blog in this week’s badges! I feel so lucky to be included in such a talented selection of bloggers, some of whom are my heroes, too! Your content is always so inspiring! Thank you for working so hard on something everyone finds worthwhile! You’ve become as much a part of this community as Kim!

    Liked by 1 person

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