Was It a Car or a Cat I Saw? | Daily Inkling

Write a blog post inspired by today’s Daily Inkling:

Was It a Car or a Cat I Saw?

Difficulty Level:

Write out a conversation consisting completely of palindromes. If Weird Al can do it with a song, so can you. 

  • We’ll post a new prompt every day at 12:00 Midnight CST/6:00 A.M. BST
  • Write a post inspired by the prompt! Feel free to modify it as much as you like. It is your clay, so model it into whatever form you see fit.
  • Leave a pingback to this so others can see it!
  • Read/follow/comment on the works of other bloggers of the same post!

Now sure how to participate? You might want to check out our introductory post.

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    • Of course, Perpetua! Thanks for stopping by! I freely admit… this challenge is hard. I don’t blame you one bit for being confused. I wrote the palindrome conversation challenge in concept before trying to do it myself, and I gave up halfway through. I just couldn’t come up with a conversation that was in any way realistic.

      Please feel free to try any of the other Inklings — I think you’ll enjoy them, and I can guarantee I won’t make one that hard again for a long time. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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