Daily Inklings: Writings Prompts for Appreciating Everyday Life

There’s an old expression: if you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. While I adamantly disagree with the implications of that assertion — I believe the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts — I must confess that sometimes the fact of that statement is true.

The loss of the Daily Post daily prompt left a bit of a hole in my blogging heart, despite the fountain of creative ideas I’ve had since the WordPress-run super blog hung up its boots. What was once a thriving community of bloggers having a quirky and creative prompt to chew on slowly changed. The situational irony of the past became simple one-word thoughts tossed into the either, searching for a lonely spark. And then, on precisely April 1, 2018, nothingness. It was the long, sad, lonely heat death of the daily prompt.

But as I was writing my myriad of super-specific questions, I came to a realization! I’m passionate about coming up with weird questions, quirky situations, and witty word choice! Why shouldn’t I be the one to reignite the universe of daily blogging prompts? Who’s to say these concepts can’t help others appreciate everyday life and jump-start their creative process? Everyone deserves a spark, and I can think of no better way to serve than as an optimist who’s all about finding joy in the simple things.


  • We’ll post a new prompt every day at 12:00 Midnight CST/6:00 A.M. BST
  • Write a post inspired by the prompt! Feel free to modify it as much as you like. It is your clay, so model it into whatever form you see fit.
  • Leave a pingback to the post you’re inspired by so others can see it!
  • Read/follow/comment on the works of other bloggers of the same post!

One of my favorite bloggers,ย lifelessons, went so far as to petition WordPress to restore the daily prompt, so I hope this comes as enjoyable news to her.

Starting tonight you’ll be seeing the very first Daily Inkling in your reader — assuming you follow Normal Happenings, of course! I look forward to seeing everyone’s creativity on display!

Help us make amazing designs, better collaborations, and even achieve our dreams of podcast and video content. Consider becoming one of the amazing patrons of Normal Happenings. We would be forever grateful!



  1. Hi.. thanks for the mention, Matthew, but may I make a suggestion? I usually devote my mornings to blogging and by noon, my written prompts are long completed. Would it be a huge problem for you to post your prompt at 8 a.m.? You could actually do it the night before and just set it to post at 8 a.m. I would love to support your prompt, but would be so much more likely to have the time to do it at 8 or 9 than at noon. Best of luck. Judy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey there, Judy! I’m glad that you noticed this, as I was partially inspired by you. Thank you for your support!

      The whole A.M. – P.M. thing is so terribly confusing when it comes to noon and midnight, so I had to make sure what I wrote was correct. I’ll make sure to update my post to clarify. They’ll go live at midnight CST and 6:00 A.M. British time. I have a substantial British audience, so that seems like a good time so everyone can wake up to it. However, as you were a source of inspiration, if midnight is going to be a problem, I can tweak it further. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • No no.. that’s perfect. I’m on Central time as well, it’s just that I know when ragtag doesn’t get the prompts up in the morning on weekends that I end up just not doing them, much as I like to be faithful to prompts I follow. If you’re doing it at midnight it’s great. I’m a night owl so might get them in early!

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