Nice Job Badges for September 14; and, A Guide to Making the Most Boring Game Show Ever

It’s been about three weeks since the last set of Nice Job Badges, but all the same I’ve missed giving them out tremendously. I am veritably “stoked” to continue this optimistic tradition.

But first, let me take a…
You thought I was going to say selfie didn’t you?

But first, let me take a moment to give you a guide to creating the most boring game show ever, inspired by my very own super specific question of yore.

I’ve put a lot of thought into this, and the trick is to torment your audience with boredom. It’s easy to make an entertaining game show with all the suspense, hype, and flashiness thereunto pertaining. It’s also easy to venture into the realm of fascinating, where watching a show is a cathartic experience worthy of throwing one’s focus into.

So on the compass of interesting, you have entertaining to the north and fascinating to the south. To the west you have frustrating, where a show is so hard to watch due to incompetence it becomes painful. To the east you have inaccessible, where a show is so outlandish people are not going to want to tune in. To make a truly boring game show, you must have everything in prefect balance.

Now, I’m not going to give you my game show – I’m saving that for something very special down the line – but I will give you a few of my sources of inspiration.

  • The first source is the very popular British game show Only Connect, which thrives on its unorthodox presentation and constant eschewing of proper presentation values — and it is phenomenal.
  • The second source is also a British game show, the notorious Don’t Scare the Hare. This time, it’s not so phenomenal, being considered one of the worst game shows of all time. It’s proof that a big budget does not make the content inherently interesting.
  • The third source is the American game show classic The Price Is Right, which I feel only makes repetitive, pointless games interesting due to the strength of the host. The big wheel, showcase showdown, and bidding segments are exceptions, as I feel they genuinely make the show awesome.

You might also look to these phenomenal bloggers, who have already taken on this question, for inspiration:

Combine the right, or perhaps more accurately, wrong elements from these three shows and I feel you’re truly on your way to making the most boring game show of all time. If we get enough ideas in the comments, I might combine them next week into the ultimate boring game show. It’s like a tiny collaboration, you know?

Anyway, you all deserve to be recognized for your work, so as promised, it’s Nice Job Badge time! These are five blog links from this week that deserve a high-five and a “nice job!”


  • If someone makes an amazing post one week, then makes another the next, I will feature them two weeks in a row.
  • I will not typically feature the same blogger twice on one list, unless I’m really blown away.
  • The posts will all loosely be from the current seven day period.
  • They are in no particular order because they’re all great.
  • Hey, you should totally put the badge on your recognized piece with a pingback to this post!

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Spoilers: The Geek & Weight-loss (Part 2) | A Geeky Gal

When I first started my journey, I kept everything really hidden. I didn’t talk about it much except on Instagram where I took pictures of my meals and did a few progress pictures. I really dived into the online weight-loss community though. I found forums that welcomed my questions. I even found a safe space for short girls who were tackling having such a small amount of daily calories. Those places saved me.

Megan has poured her heart into this post, and I feel like her inspirational weight-loss story could be helpful for anyone going on a similar journey! Oh, and did I mention she recently started a new YouTube channel?

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Personally-defining games: on their way out? | Later Levels

A number of the questions … were focused on how we perceive video games along with the relationship between this media and culture. They got me mulling over whether their cultural impact will change going forward and then eventually onto the subject of these personally-defining titles: will future generations of gamers still have individual games which resonate so strongly with them?

Hot off the presses, the always-wonderful Kim from Later Levels does an amazing job of asking a question I don’t really want to hear, especially since it is the exact topic of The Games That Define Us collab coming up in November. But alas, I happen to agree that personality-defining games will probably be more rare for future generations. Insert Fortnite joke here.

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Review: Kirby Star Allies (Switch) ~ Let’s Be Friends | NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog

I enjoy the Kirby games quite a lot. The atmosphere and gameplay are the biggest reasons I’m drawn to the series. So, when I learned that a new game got released on Switch, I placed it on my “To Buy” list. Earlier this month, I bought myself a copy of this game on a small sale. So, today I want to give my honest opinions on the game.

NekoJonez has put a lot of work into reviewing what is, in my opinion, the worst Kirby game ever made (because no title in the series has been average up until this point). Though I’m disappointed in the game, there’s no denying the quality of the review!

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August 2018 in Summary: The Zelda Retrospective is Complete! | Extra Life Reviews

I found the overwhelmingly positive reviews of Nintendo games to be the only ones I could trust anymore. This is because Nintendo has always been content to do their own thing, ignoring or even outright defying what the often monotone AAA industry was doing. Because of this, I knew whenever they garnered a significant amount of critical acclaim that they did so honestly and without pandering to the zeitgeist of a given era – in other words, being cool.

Red Metal has gone and reviewed all the Zelda games. Let that sink in — all of them. In intensive detail, too, and I couldn’t be more impressed. So when you get a chance, block off a couple of hours of your time for an amazing journey of text and imagination.

Also, Red Metal get’s an All-Star Commenter badge. It’s not a real badge, but it should be!

Edit: A ranked list of all Zelda games has also been posted!

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How To Get Free Stuff to Review on Your Blog | The Modern Gafa

This week I released a new ebook called How To Get Free Stuff to Review on Your Blog, which you can get here. It’s something I’ve been mulling over for a few months now and finally released on account of I need to pay rent.

Hey, if an ebook doesn’t deserve a badge, I don’t know what will! Collab contributor Victor has taken the time to help other bloggers find free sponsored products to review. It’s a fairly short read at just about 25 pages, but I’ve read it and it’s jam-packed with useful information. I highly recommend it!

Did I miss any links you think deserve recognition? Do a Nice Job by sharing them with us in the comments!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the badge! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my reviews that much. If you’re interested, I intend to cap off the retrospective with a list ranking the entries from worst to best. I’m going to have it done by this coming Sunday.

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