Let’s Call It a Learning Experience

As a blogger, some things just work. Nice Job Badges just work. Super Specific Award responses just work. Some things just do not work, and Pixel For Your Thoughts just does not work for me.

Oh Pixel for Your Thoughts, let’s call you a great experiment. We shall look upon you as an incredibly good idea, critically wounded only by ways in which Matt’s brain works. I am big enough to understand that not everything functions the way I’d like.

Allow me to explain. Let’s take a look at some of the questions coming down the line:

  • What game series will you never play?
  • What game destroyed you emotionally?
  • What game made you feel like you were playing a genre for the first time?
  • What game do you love to play with friends?
  • What game can you tell have had a LOT of passion put into it?

These are the types of questions that, for Normal Happenings, require well-thought-out responses beginning development days, even weeks in advance. They each deserve at least a thousand words of expressive, well-formulated wordsmithing devoted to them. For me, the need for a long-form personal exploration of a topic is what drives me.

It was the reason I was reluctant to take on A Geeky Gal’s 30-day video game challenge in the first place, and the further I delve into it, the more I understand. Don’t get me wrong, I admire those who are successfully accomplishing these challenges, and Megan along with everyone else taking part have amazing responses.

This simply shows a lack of planning on my part, because doing so would have made me realize it’s not the style of this blog. I only get one shot to answer these for the first time, and I don’t want to use them up for the sake of a consecutive posting steak. I’ve always valued quality over quantity, and now I know to never do so for the sake of accomplishing an objective.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m keeping five posts which I really like from the past eight:

I’ll be retrofitting them to be normal posts, as opposed to part of a series. The other three are going back in the oven (meaning my drafts folder), and I will repost once I’m completely happy with them.

I’ll be honest, there are some things I really miss. I terribly miss doing Nice Job badges – those were the highlight of my week because I adore being encouraging to others – so I’m bringing them back Friday. I’ll even post them in October no matter how busy I am editing for The Games That Define Us. I also miss the quirky fun doing Super Specific Award posts. I was nominated for one this week, in fact — shout-outs to HannieBee Games.

Most importantly, I miss talking about things other than video games. They are an important part of my life, but they’re not the biggest, and writing my pieces on appreciating everyday life is an important catharsis for me. Let’s go back to writing the content I was made to write, and when the subject matter of the video game challenge intersects with that, I will write one of those posts. That’s what makes our upcoming collaboration, The Games That Define Us, so perfect — it’s all about the intersection between life and video games.

Completionism for me is the enemy of quality. May I learn to keep that wolf at bay. Let us know in the comments what projects you discovered just didn’t work for you. Did you power through it, or did you change plans accordingly? I will see you all going forward with more normal posts.

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  1. I’ve found that these types of 30 day post marathons don’t work for me either. My writing style depends so heavily on inspiration/motivation that churning out that many close together just isn’t practical. I hope shifting back to a more normal schedule helps you rekindle your joy in the hobby!

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  2. Good luck on the coming posts. Writing for prolong periods is a bit overwhelming. I was able to complete a few 30 day challenges last week but this year I’ve failed twice lol. I’m not quite sure why. I love the idea of consistent posts and writing anything for 30 days is always a plus in my book (have to practice for NaNoWriMo in November lol). This year I’m focused more on passionate spurts of posts. One week you may get a post each day, the next only 1. It’s how my mind is working at the moment.

    -Luna 🙂

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