Tetris Haunts My Dreams

Better With Audio!

Music No. 10 | Poyo Poyo Tetris

This is my favorite version of the Tetris theme, and it’s the one that gets stuck as the blocks keep falling from the top of my brain. It just keeps repeating… forever.

Q. Woah woah woah, what happened to my Sleeping at Last music?
I’m sorry, but it just wasn’t working quite as well as I’d hoped. This challenge drifted away from the reflective ruminations I had initially planned, so I’ll be going back and retrofitting the previous posts with different tracks. Except for the Animal Crossing one — that was great!

There’s something you should know about me: I’m probably way better than you at Tetris. I think of all the competitive video games in all the land, from the fighters of Super Smash Bros. to the survivalism of Fortnite, I consider myself best at the humble puzzle games. Maybe it was all the years of playing Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine as a kid. And of all the puzzle games, I’m best at Tetris. Don’t believe me? Ask for my Switch friend code in the comments, and we shall duel in:

Poyo Poyo Tetris | Switch

Such block stacking skill comes with one very unique drawback. It’s called the Tetris effect, and it’s an actual thing. And I have it bad.

In short, the Tetris effect is when I continue to play Tetris in my mind, even when I’ve long powered off the console, as part of my procedural memory. Every time I close my eyes, the blocks keep falling from the recesses of my mind, forming patterns of blocks both organized and realistic for hours. Life drinking caffeine before bed, Tetris is not a game to be enjoyed after a certain hour, lest it keep me up all night in a state of perpetual misery.

And don’t think that if I do manage to fall asleep, the allure of R.E.M. will by my escape. No, Tetris follows me there too, now in full HD ready for me to build more meaningless walls.

Dang it, I put the L-block in the wrong place!
Clear the errant line.
Dang it, stupid square block.

This isn’t the only thing, of course, that triggers the Tetris effect. There’s a motion equivalent that gets me every time – the rocking of a boat. When I was a kid I went fishing with my dad all the time, an activity that would take at minimum eight hours. All evening and all night, my pail skin red from sunburn, I’d feel the rocking of the boat and be constantly casting for fish.

It’s just, one time, I didn’t want to fish so I brought my Game Boy Advance along. And, you know what I played? Tetris. It’s safe to say that long night was a marathon.

Have you ever had this happen to you? What triggers the Tetris effect in your life? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Oh wow, the Tetris Effect. This is the absolute perfect description I’ve read of that terrible, horrible, wondrous affliction! I can’t play Tetris (or any other kind of colorful puzzle game) for too long without the Condition sinking in, haha.


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