– By Nikki –

I hear a voice more harsh than a gunshot whispering in my ear.

“No one will understand, listen, or care about you,” it claims, wrapping it’s arms around my neck and dragging me out of the existing moment I am participating in. I struggle against the weight of the constricting arms that are slowly choking me to death. I try to to verbalize what is going on, but all that I see is your hard face not noticing me.

I close my eyes and allow the darkness to overtake me.

I don’t feel anything.
I don’t have an opinion.

I will paste on this broken grimace and make it my new smile. And I will pretend to be okay despite not being able to breathe. You will only see what you choose to see.

I break and the unknown voice barrages me with more negativity. As pieces of myself fall to the floor and shatter further, a deep trembling comes from the floor.
I open my eyes. Darkness is all around until a bright light envelopes me.
The light comes back.

Light will always overcome the dark. I close my eyes again, and I see the light through my eyelids. My eyes fly open, and a broken mirror has been placed in front of me. All of the shards that once surrounded me are now staring back at me, reflecting who I used to be in the cracks of the mirror. At first glance one would only see the fractures, but I lean in, taking a closer look at the girl in front of me.

She is new. She is remade. She is something different.

I feel a soft hand on my shoulder, and the darkness is silenced by the light. I am His.

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