Social Media and the Filtering of Life

– By Nikki –

I have been given a great number of blessings in this life, despite my rough start. I am finally happy, and I want people to share that happiness with me. However, there is a certain social media network that has been controlling me for too many years.

That technology is Facebook, and of it I have come to a revelation. It would be wrong of me to turn special moments in my life into preprogrammed moments for social media.

I freely admit my problem: I am obsessed with Facebook because I want people to see that I am all right. I had a tough go growing up, and at times I want to be able to share with the people that I’m fine now. I am no longer the little girl that lost her mother 14 years ago. I don’t need the sympathy of others. Thanks to God I am doing well.

I want to enjoy a dinner with my husband without worrying about getting likes. I want to hang out with friends and not wait to be tagged in their photos. I want to be the real version of myself, unfiltered by social media, and unconcerned with likes on a glowing rectangle.

My life is not made up of profile pictures, about me sections, and a online back-catalog of every event that I participate in. My beauty (inside and out) isn’t based on how many people call me pretty in a photo. I’m sick of people seeing small parts of my life and not the essence of who I truly am.

Call me. Ask me how things are. Email me and say hi. Shoot me a text message. I’m still here, but without the perfect moments brought to you by Facebook incorporated.

I will still be on Instagram, but it will work as a glorified photo album I share with my friends and family. So try to look up from your phone and towards the people you love. Life can go by quickly no matter how you live it, so stop filtering it through a screen. Open your eyes to see the little blessings in your life.

Do you have an addiction to social media? Tell us in the comments about it, or how you’ve avoided the traps of social media in your life. I’d love to start a conversation with you in the comments.

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  1. I have to admit that outside of posting my reviews, I generally don’t use social media extensively. It can be helpful for getting your opinions out there, but I find it’s a bit more worthwhile to refine said opinions first.

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  2. Detoxification from social media is very much needed. I take regular breaks from Facebook. When I’m on a trip with the family, I generally don’t give updates. I want to savour the moments unfiltered, as you’ve said. I think it’s important that we should draw a line between virtual and real… 🙂

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  3. I love Twitter but have grown to hate Facebook. My partner quit it last year in favour of instagram and if it wasn’t for my blog I think I would do the same.
    When I was younger it was a great way to stay in touch with friends who had moved away etc, but now my Facebook feed is literally just a stream of politics & house, wedding and baby announcements which have no heart and soul attached, just constant attention seeking.
    I only have meaningful Facebook interactions via messenger where people actually talk to you as an individual.

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  4. I recently attempted to deactivate my Facebook account because it was affecting my mental health. I wasn’t actually able to (I have too many things that rely on it…I think they did this on purpose), but I have been essentially logged off for about a month. I removed the app from my phone where I normally accessed it. Now I’ve traded an FB addition for a Twitter one, but I feel like that’s chipping away slower at my well being. I want to be informed, but I also don’t want to have a nervous breakdown. It’s a hard balance.

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    • Facebook seems to be a mental health killer for pretty much all involved. At least for my friends and family, it’s devolved into a platform to hurl insults and political drama at people they don’t understand. I admire anyone who can just turn it off and walk away. I use it for two blogger Facebook groups, that’s it. Lol. With Twitter, I’ve never had any issues. I only follow amazing bloggers like you, and everyone is so friendly to each other. 😁

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      • It seems to be a very distinct pattern! I miss some stuff, but besides sometimes going on to try to pare down some of the pages I follow and keep up with my fan page (which I’ve been remiss on. Oops) I’ve avoided it. Twitter is better, but sometimes it can get stressful, too. Not so much as FB. It’s ridiculous how addictive FB is. You go on with the hopes of seeing something positive, and you might, but it’s buried in piles of shit lol.

        Aw well I’m glad I’m one of the positive influences!

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