Normal Happenings Now Has a Patreon! Help Us Make Even Better Collaborations


Are you a reader?
Do you enjoy our collaborations?
Then you can help us make them even better!

Announcing the
Normal Happenings Patreon!


The Short Version:

First, a short video explaining our plight. At the very least, you get to hear Nikki’s adorable voice for the first time!

The Long Version:

One of the most amazing things Nikki and I have ever worked together on is putting together Hyrule: See the Sights, Hear the Sounds! Before we knew it, we were inspired! We had so much fun putting this beautiful collaboration together that we want to do even more stuff like this, and we want it to keep getting better and better.

It’s at this point, even with no current desire for personal blogging income, we’ve uncovered a need for Patreon in developing for our site’s needs. We believe in accomplishing short-term goals that lead to long-term accomplishments. Therefore, right now we’re asking for your help buying the resources we need to set Normal Happenings free from the constraints of the WordPress Premium subscription.

Just 30 USD a month will allow us to purchase a Wordpress Business Plan, which allows us to lovingly design each post the way we want to! It also lets us incorporate as much visual and audio media as we need to for proper web design.

The Technical Stuff:

Allow us to explain. As we make these increasingly involved collaborations, we’re running into a wall pertaining to what a WordPress Premium subscription can do. We’ve got a huge collaboration coming up called The Games That Define Us, and there are some amazing bloggers taking part in this epic community event.

We want to back up what are sure to be amazingly written posts with the best design and immersion possible. Our strengths are in web design, and much like the Hyrule collaboration, we are determined to do more with design than simply display the posts as normal. However, WordPress currently fights us at every turn:

  • It strips out CSS style tags in posts.
  • It strips out embedded objects.
  • It won’t let us add custom plug-ins.

With the Hyrule collab design, we managed to circumvent this by adding sections for each individual portion of the collab to the global CSS, but this is not a sustainable solution even for The Games That Define Us. Essentially, it is not the way you’re supposed to do web design, and loading times and accessibility take a hit because of it.

The Goals and Rewards:

That goal of 30 USD a month is also an important first step towards our aspirations of starting both a podcast and video content on Normal Happenings. We would love to turn our dreams of this type of work into reality, and we’re hoping you’ll help us get there.

So please, see our goals for Normal Happenings, and then check out the kinds of community-driven rewards you could be a part of! As with all Patreon campaigns, we’ll be sure to revisit and add to them as we accomplish our goals!

So, please consider becoming a patron of Normal Happenings, and help us make even better collaborations!



Other Ways to Support Us:

Even if you’re not in a position to become a patron, there is one thing you can do to support our collaborations! Bookmark or follow these amazing contributors to The Games The Define Us! Each one of them does incredible work, and they deserve recognition for their hard work.

  1. Matt @ Normal Happenings | Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (GEN)
  2. Nikki @ Normal Happenings | Animal Crossing (GCN)
  3. Megan @ A Geeky Gal | Spyro the Dragon (PS1)
  4. Ian @ Adventure Rules | Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (GCN)
  5. GG @ Hungrygoriya | Faxanadu (NES)
  6. Kim @ Later Levels | The Secret of Monkey Island (PC)
  7. Jan @ The Life of Jan | World of Warcraft (PC)**
  8. KT @ Wintendo 64 | Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)
  9. The Well-Red Mage @ The Well-Red Mage | Breath of Fire II (SNES)
  10. Victor @ The Modern Gafa | Digimon World (PS1)
  11. Shauna @ HideNGoShauna | NIGHTS Into Dreams (SAT)
  12. Heather @ Just Geeking By | World of Warcraft (PC)**
  13. Alyssa @ Nerd Side of Life | The Sims 4 (PC)
  14. Luke @ Hundstrasse | Resident Evil 2 (PS1)
  15. Justin @ TWOTALL4UFOOL | Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
  16. Chris @ OverthinkerY | Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
  17. Pix1001 @ Shoot the Rookie | Guitar Hero 2 (PS2)
  18. Will @ geeksleeprinserepeat | DayZ (PC)
  19. Murr @ geeksleeprinserepeat | Pokemon Red/Blue (GB)
  20. The Gaming Diaries @ The Gaming Diaries | Crash Bandicoot (PS1)
  21. Amanda @ Imaginating Life | Myst (PC)
  22. The Keeper @ The Codex: Online | Chrono Trigger (SNES)
  23. Alex @ The Purple Prose Mage | Warcraft III (PC)**
  24. Ruubin @ FTWRuubin | Borderlands (PS3)
  25. Khinjarsi @ Upon Completion | Fallout 3 (XBOX360)
  26. The3rdPlayer @ 3PStart | Zombies Ate My Neighbors (GEN)
  27. Kathy @ Krysanthe | Wizard 101 (PC)
  28. Mr. Backlog @ Mr. Backlog | The Bard’s Tale (Apple II)
  29. Michael @ Git Gud at Life | BioShock (XBOX360)
  30. Ellen @ LividLightning | Banjo Kazooie (N64)
  31. Ryan @ Games With Coffee | Final Fantasy VII (PS1)
  32. Zerathulu @ The Zerathulu View | Starcraft (PC)
  33. Imtiaz @ Power Bomb Attack | Super Metroid (SNES)
  34. Teri Mae @ Sheikah Plate | Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
  35. Skylar-Mei @ gamergal.exe | Guild Wars 2 (PC)


Nice Job Badges! 

Despite the big announcement, it wouldn’t be Friday without Nice Job Badges. We love showing off the impressive works of others, so here are our favorite posts from this week!


  • If someone makes an amazing post one week, then makes another the next, I will feature them two weeks in a row.
  • I will not typically feature the same blogger twice on one list, unless I’m really blown away.
  • The posts will all loosely be from the current seven day period.
  • They are in no particular order because they’re all great.
  • Hey, you should totally put the badge on your recognized piece with a pingback to this post!

NH_NiceJob_WP Logo copy

Furniture Painting with the Mercantile Adventurers | Geeky Tourist

It was a beautifully quirky little place. I was expecting some sort of furniture shop, but it was more like an emporium combining lots of smaller ventures; a little café with baked goods and hot drinks, a hairdresser’s, a children’s clothing and book store filled with colourful garments, and a furniture store with beautiful trinkets. Then there were other smaller sections throughout the store displaying everything from bespoke wrapping paper to jewellery.

A beautifully quirky blog post for a beautifully quirky place! The Geeky Tourist has done it again, enchanting us with her adventures to a small furniture shop. What really shines are the colors in these photos — blissful displays of primary hues burst off the screen! I adore experience pieces like this, and think you would really enjoy Geeky Tourist’s blog if you aren’t already following.

The following two are about the same issue, so I will discuss both of them together.

NH_NiceJob_WP Logo copy 5

My Thoughts on Emulation Sites Closing: Why Stealing Is Bad | Home Button

I find it disappointing… that so many people are rising up in defense of these sites, and emulation itself. The reality they create for themselves seems to be one where these wonderful people, from the good of their hearts, single-handedly preserve videogame culture. Archivists… snatching these titles from the verge of destruction; veritable gaming Robin Hoods. This viewpoint seems horribly wrong to me, on a number of levels.

NH_NiceJob_WP Logo copy 3

The Importance of Preservation | MoeGamer

Isn’t it just plain good for people to be able to experience the games of yesteryear without restriction? In some cases, exploring emulated titles can kickstart a passionate enthusiasm for physically collecting games… [One] might be interested to check out that series’ roots — and be in a unique position to appreciate how far it has come in what is, relatively speaking compared to some other media, quite a short period.

Emulation in video games is a surprisingly and extraordinarily complex issue, and these two amazing bloggers have tackled the issue head-on. Home Button comes down against emulation, except for official release or archival purposes, while MoeGamer compellingly argues in favor of emulation as an important resource. While I have my own opinions on emulation, I feel both of these consistently talented bloggers have argued their issues with an extraordinarily level of tact.

NH_NiceJob_WP Logo copy 2

Super Specific Sunshine Award | gamergal.exe

The Lasagne arose with thick red liquid pouring all over the plate as Skylar-Mei stabbed it viciously with her fork. She had already consumed half of it, but clearly the second half wouldn’t accept the same fate. With not much in the way of manoeuvring itself, the Lasagne triggered its defence mechanism… “I will burn you!” exclaimed the Lasagne as it puffed hot steam out of the fork holes displayed in its exterior. “Not unless I eat you first!” replied Skylar-Mei. War was declared and the battle was on!

I always love when bloggers have the courage to take on my super specific questions, and Skylar-Mae did so this week. That means I get to enjoy the epic tale of sentient lasagna. You would have had to be there — and since this a blog, you totally can! Go check out her inspired answers to things like what I should name the spider on my door frame, or how to finish a joke about office supplies.

NH_NiceJob_WP Logo copy 4

Disney with a Toddler? Why it’s worth going! | qTravelers

Yesterday morning my family and I found ourselves sifting through photos from our Disney trip this past December. We seriously miss it so much! I remember when Andrew and I had our second date the topic of Disney World came up over a bowl of pho and I shared my love for the place… We went the second weekend in December and the weather was perfect, the crowds had not fully taken over yet, but you still got all the Christmas magic.

I admit, I love a good walk down memory lane. It’s always fun to put yourself in the shoes of other people for a moment with these types of blogs. It seems like multitudes of people have Disney to thank for some of their fondest memories, and the people behind the underrated blog qTravelers are no exception. One of my favorite things about this post is the way the photos are composed — they have this slightly muted color spectrum that makes them feel like individual memories.

Did I miss any links you think deserve recognition? Let us know what a Nice Job they did by sharing them with us in the comments!



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Matthew // Normal Happenings

Gump-based Blogger. Graphic Designer. Happily Married. One day I'll actually complete a book I'm happy with. I love pizza, video games, and using way too many ellipses...

8 thoughts on “Normal Happenings Now Has a Patreon! Help Us Make Even Better Collaborations

  1. That’s fantastic Matt, good luck with it! Considering what you put into your site and building collaborations, I’m sure you’ll reach your goal and that the blog will continue to grow. Exciting times!

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  2. Thankyou so much for the Nice Job Badge! I will display it proudly on my post! I thoroughly enjoyed answering your questions, and I feel like we may see the return of the Lasagne Wars… maybe…

    Also, huge congrats on your Patreon! I wish you all the best and hope it works out wonderfully for your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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