Nice Job Badges! | Week of May 25

It’s time to hand out this week’s colorful new set of Nice Job badges! Every blogger deserves recognition for the time and effort they put into their craft. These bloggers just deserve it a little more, that’s all.

Each Friday I’ll pick out five new blog posts posted within the span of that week! Here’s some things:


  • If someone makes an amazing post one week, then makes another the next, I will feature them two times in a row.
  • However, I will not (typically) feature the same blogger twice on one list, unless I’m really blown away. If so, I may give six badges that week.
  • The posts will all be from the current seven day period, though posts made on Thursdays or Fridays may overlap with the next week.
  • They must be on WordPress or Jetpack-enabled platforms. I’m sorry Blogger bloggers.
  • It’s perfectly fine to put the badge on your recognized piece with a pingback to this post!
  • Now featuring a weird assortment of colors!
  • They are in no particular order because they’re all great.

Where It All Began | By Later Levels

Nice job, you’ve obtained this week’s GOLD badge!

Nice Job Gold2

I get the feeling Later Levels is going to be showing up frequently on this feature, and that’s perfectly fine! I swear this blogger is not going to get the gold badge every single time, but this post was too good to pass up. In it, Kim delivers the history of the blog, the relationship complexities that come with it, and some inspiration for getting through tough times. This is some quintessential Later Levels, and easily nets the gold badge!

Little Fears, Big Future | By Little Fears

Nice job, you’ve earned this week’s Granny Smith Apple badge!


Well Little Fears, the least I can do as you enter into these challenging next few months is present you with a shiny Nice Job badge! It is quite a popular blog, but this is one of the good ones. Creative content is bursting at the seams, so this badge represents a desire for more! If you’re not following Little Fears, you really should.

What I Didn’t Know I Knew | By lifelessons

Nice job, you’ve earned this week’s Heliotrope Magenta badge!


This blog was a repost of an amazing guest post Judy Dykstra-Brown wrote for me way back in 2015. It is this unique list of positive qualities in others and interesting perspectives on life. One of my favorites is: “There are many friends who will seek to tell us the truth about ourselves, but a truly good friend will make us laugh in the telling.”

Dream Journal 5/19/18: Beast | By Super Jan

Nice job, you’ve earned this week’s Invisible badge!


This is a blog where Jan takes a dream and turns it into a compelling story: +5 awesomeness points! Is Sasha an antagonist? Why were there loud booming sounds all over the place? What were the scratches all about? Did the police figure it out? Jan, I have so many questions! Also, here’s an invisible Nice Job badge… don’t lose it.

Boston… Take Me Back | By Bizarre Brunette

Nice job, you’ve earned this week’s Alien Armpit badge…
What? It was a Crayola crayon color. I’m serious.


Finally, let’s take a trip with Bizarre Brunette to a city I’ve always wanted to visit: Boston. Take a look at some of these amazing pictures and, just for a moment, get wrapped up in the culture and cuisine of the historic city. It’s a truly great you-are-there post. I so wish I had more opportunities travel.

Did I miss any links you think deserve recognition? Do a Nice Job by sharing them with us in the comments!


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