Nice Job Badges! | Week of May 10

It’s time to hand out this week’s colorful new set of Nice Job badges! Every blogger deserves recognition for the time and effort they put into their craft. These bloggers just deserve it a little more, that’s all.

Each Thursday I’ll pick out five new blog posts posted within the span of that week — it’s a limerick of excellent publications! Here’s some things:


  • If someone makes an amazing post one week, then makes another the next, I will feature them two times in a row.
  • However, I will not (typically) feature the same blogger twice on one list, unless I’m really blown away. If so, I may give six badges that week.
  • The posts will all be from the current seven day period, though posts made on Wednesdays or Thursdays may overlap with the next week.
  • They must be on WordPress or Jetpack-enabled platforms. I’m sorry Blogger bloggers.
  • It’s perfectly fine to put the badge on your recognized piece with a pingback to this post!
  • Now featuring a weird assortment of colors!
  • They are in no particular order because they’re all great.

Nice Job Gold2The Dragon Trilogy | By Samantha the Reader

Nice job, you’ve obtained this week’s GOLD badge!

Turns out I’m not the only one publishing a serial. Newly discovered this week — I’m cheating a bit with the time-frame of the badge — Samantha’s Dragon Trilogy is magnificently compelling to say the least. Keep this writer on your radar, and color me impressed — specifically the color gold because that’s the color of Samantha’s shiny new badge.

AmaranthThe Super Specific Sunshine Award | By hungrygoriya

Nice job, you’ve acquired this week’s Amaranth badge!

The only known response to my Super Specific Sunshine Award this week, Hyrule contributor hungrygoriya — I swear your name didn’t have that second “y” last time I checked — delivered no less amazing answers. Having grown up in the American Deep South, I was particularly pleased with the advocacy of his choice of quotes for question four.

XanaduTrailers: Are We Being Sold Lies | By CrazyDiscoStu

Nice job, you’ve secured this week’s Xanadu badge!

Any blog post title with a colon in the name immediately makes me sit up and take notice. I was not disappointed. Newcomer CrazyDiscoStu (pronunciation guide required) delivers compelling arguments for and against using actual film footage in trailers. Give this blog a follow while you’re at it.

New CarGame Collecting on a Budget | By The LDG Mag

Nice job, you’ve procured this week’s New Car Blue badge!

For the second week in a row, I continue to be impressed with The LDG Mag. Fraught with detail, this article is a practical guidebook of what to do in the often expensive world of game collecting. Don’t expect a new badge every week, LDG… or do if you keep writing fantastic articles.

Yahoo Purple 1995Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Switch) Review | By Tired Old Hack

Nice job, you’ve gleaned this week’s Yahoo Purple (1995) badge!

We’re on a bit of an unintentional Donkey Kong binge with the Nice Job Badges — last week I showed off a DKC 2 review. But Chris’s analysis of the newly released Switch re-release of Tropical Freeze was too good to pass up. It’s rare for a reviewer to go out of their way to keep the content interesting, rather than strictly focusing on the aspects of the game.

Did I miss any links you think deserve recognition? Do a Nice Job by sharing them with us in the comments!


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