Five Cute Moments When You Adopt a Kitten

Today I wanted to treat you to a bonus list post: five cute moments that happen when you adopt a kitten from the shelter! I know I’m normally supposed to wait until Friday for list posts, but I wanted to do two related lists this week. Plus, my Friday Fives category is looking a little barren compared to the others and needs to be filled out.


Wait, what do you mean this post is just an excuse to show off our adorable new kitten? Fine. Guilty as charged.

#1. When you feel great about adopting from the shelter.

About two months ago, Nikki and I adopted a kitten from the Humane Society of Missouri. It was easily one of the most amazing things we’ve ever done! Serious props to you guys. They treat their cats with so much love and respect – far more than we were used to at other shelters back in Alabama.


We adopted a kitten that had been taken into surgery for a mass on her leg. Her name was initially Flower, and she was the sweetest, sleepiest, most chilled out kitten we’ve ever held. She was, that is – more on that coming up on Friday.

After much deliberation – we were mildly concerned that the mass on her leg might regrow in the future – we decided that we couldn’t let her go. We filled out her adoption paperwork, renamed her Ezri after a character from one of our favorite TV shows, and she was ours to take care of.

cat-face_1f431 (1)
#2. When she naps on you.

For the first week or so, all Ezri did was sleep. She would snooze anywhere and everywhere – on the couch, on the floor, on the rug, on the table… on my laptop.


But, of course, the best times were when she’d crawl on you and go to sleep. Unlike Lucy, our elder cat, Ezri isn’t spring loaded. You can actually shift your weight around without her jumping off in a panic. She’s practically a rag doll. You can do anything you want, and she’s totally chill with it.

cat-face_1f431 (2)
#3.Β When she learns how to run without falling over.

Nothing lasts forever, and, as expected, eventually Ezri was running around the apartment at top speed. She wasn’t completely successful at first, of course. She would try to run really fast, but end up tripping over her own feet, causing her to face-plant. I guess tiny humans aren’t the only ones that do that.


However, now she’s practically a bullet. One Saturday morning I remember I was walking in the living room when something collided with my ankle. Even though I’m a 6′ 7” guy, I nearly fell over, and there was Ezri a few feet away looking a little dazed. She had accidentally run into me at top speed. Of course, as a kitten, she was fine after a few seconds. Still, she’s got some serious acceleration. I guess she does share DNA with cheetahs.

cat-face_1f431 (4)
#4: When she gains her independence.

Nikki and I have moderate cat allergies, so they’re rarely allowed in the bedroom. One of the advantages of having an elder cat is that Ezri didn’t have to spend all night crying at our bedroom door out of loneliness. Lucy can keep her company through the night, and we can give her affection when we wake up.


Also, we think we’ve done a pretty good job teaching her how to use a scratching post, and she took right to our litter box setup at home. That’s a credit, no doubt, to the shelter that took care of her for a while. We’re very proud of her for being so good during what’s normally a pretty touch-and-go first year.

cat-face_1f431 (5)
#5. When the elder cat accepts her.

It took the longest for Lucy to fully accept her, but once she did it was a sight to behold. I don’t think Lucy will ever stop being grumpy that we brought a new kitten into her life, but that’s pretty much been her predominant personality trait throughout her life anyway.


I love seeing them touch noses or watching Ezri try to touch Lucy’s face out of affection.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our new adopted kitten. I know it’s not my normal contemplative type of post, but I really think pets – yes, even dogs, but especially cats – help you appreciate everyday life. There’s something special about the simple privilege of caring for a kitten like you would a family member.

Now I want to know about you! Do you have a cat, dog, or other pet? Tell me about them in the comments. What special experiences have you had with them? I’ll be back on Friday for the flip-side of this coin: Five Frustrating Moments When You Adopt a Kitten.

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