So Wait, Does This Mean I’m Cool?

I knew this picture I took of the Shuttlecraft Galileo from Star Trek, currently on
display at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, would come in handy. 

What even is cool, anyway? I think I’m having some kind a hipster identity crisis right now, trying to reconcile the fact that my interests are suddenly considered “cool.”

I’m not so sure I want to be cool. I have certainly never been cool in the past, constantly being picked on and rejected for the media, literature, and hobbies I was interested in. There came a point where I simply accepted the fact that I alone was able to appreciate the things I was into.

Then something happened. The internet became a tool for everyday life, the geeks grew into semi-successful adults, and here in my mid-twenties I find myself up-to-date with the things the world talks about. In short, the world got smarter. Of course, I’m also at the age where being considered “cool” doesn’t even really mean anything anymore.

However, the fact that everything I like is suddenly becoming mainstream kind of bothers me, due to the fact that I’ve always fancied myself a creative nonconformist.

For example…

Oh, you like Star Trek? Let’s make three reboot films with a big, flagship new series coming up!

Big glasses? Sure, let’s bring those back into style!

Nintendo games? All right, how about a multi-billion-dollar app that almost everyone in the world plays?

How about things a little more obscure? You like an obscure 1960’s British show involving marionettes? Let’s make a primetime animated series out of it.

NPR. Doctor Who. Vlogging. Cooking. Electronic music.

Even my field of Communications has seen a massive surge in popularity over the last five years with the critical industries supported by the digital age. PR people seem to suddenly be the go-to occupation for the characters in all the rom-coms, the writers assuming we don’t have any work to do I suppose.

You may all surrender to the fate of conformity, but I know one thing that will never, ever be cool…

Oh. It’s cool now. Greeeeaaaaat.

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